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Dave Ou, M.D. - Holistic and Natural Medicine - Atlanta - Dave Ou, M.D. is a leader in holistic and natural medicine located in Atlanta. He is board certified in internal medicine and uniquely qualified in cutting edge holistic modalities such as Functional Medicine, NES Health, and Matrix Energetics.

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  • Daniel Wilson - It's easy to just see Trump

    I've been a fan of Jon Ronson for a while now. He has a keen eye for humanity and for finding pathos in situations that many wouldn't think it could be found. This piece was no different. It's easy to just see Trump, Alex Jones, and the like as cartoonish buffoons. Ronson doesn't do this however. Instead he shows them for who they are: humans who have some very destructive ideas and who should never be in power, but also more like you and me than some might be comfortable admitting.

  • Walter - Excellent Review Book

    Easy to read, good questions and feedback. The book not only has questions but provides a brief review of each subject; excellent review format and nice sit down book.

  • LoveAmazon - REALLY EXPENSIVE & NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I started hairfinity in October 2013. I purchased one bottle to see what results I would get. I could tell a difference in texture and growth after about 2-3 weeks, HOWEVER I noticed more than the normal daily shedding starting to occur and extreme itching. I proceeded to take garlic pills to try and stop the shedding. I ordered two more bottles and the shedding still continued even with the garlic pills and coconut oil used for my scalp. I contacted hairfinity on FaceBook and was sharing my concerns and the site administrator tried to say maybe I had health issues and this was causing the shedding. Well I had no health issues before starting this product and none after so I know that wasn't the issue. I saw lots of great reviews on this product and it seems to work for many but for me it is not something I will continue to use. If you look at the ingredients the main one is Biotin and the rest are small amounts of Vitamins A,B, C etc and there is MSM in it as well.