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  • Kimber - Updated review! Please take note. Blade pivot stopped working on 1 of 3 so far

    Edited again 4/22/2014. Razor pivot no longer works at all on 1 of the razors. It was nearly impossible to even remove the blade. We attempted to repair but impossible. We have used other razor systems before and never had a situation where the blade could not be removed at all or where the pivot completely stopped.

  • John Carter - and was not disappointed. Like every OtterBox that I've owned

    This was not the first case I bought for my fancy new iPhone 7. I first tried to cheap out with the Spigen Tough Armor case for $15. It was tough alright, tough on my hands. The thing was razor sharp on the edges and awful all the way around. So I came back to my trusty OtterBox, and was not disappointed.

  • SG-SAN FRANCISCO - Great baseline reference guide. Current

    Useful guide with lots of information for comparing and contrasting. Great as a baseline reference. We bought 3 different kinds of books and used this as the first pass reference looking further after reading Fiske's info.

  • Karthik - Good product, would have been better if there was ...

    Good product, would have been better if there was a reset button to use it for next game instead of switch off and on again

  • Dan V - good product, very happy

    These arrived earlier than expected (under a week via USPS). They are Honda OEM parts, with a Honda label on the box. I was able to install them in about 30 minutes. I have a 2005, and I could only slide the receiver blocks into the rails from the back, not the front. The covers on the back were easier to get off, but not easy, it takes some effort, but they should slide straight back and off while pressing in the pin with a small screwdriver on a bit if an angle to get the spring inside pushed back as much as possible. To add a box, I had to do some adjusting of the crossbars, which isn't super smooth once they are already installed. I would advise measuring first rather than trying to slide them after.

  • Cat Lover - ... with this TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers and am very pleased. Just a couple of little pumps and the ...

    I bought the spray top to go with this TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers and am very pleased. Just a couple of little pumps and the fibers cover my scalp really well. You can't even tell that I used it looks natural. When I apply it I also lightly brush it into my hair/scalp with my fingers, it's a life saver.

  • Barry Jefferson - pet has improved A LOT !!

    I was very concerned over the skinniness of my 18 yr-old Russian Blue Lady. Taking her to my vet was a great thing to do, since she was diagnosed with HyperThyroidism. This product provided the exact thing that I wanted to do, which was to heal her without Medicines or surgery. Thanks Wellbeing for making this holistic herbal cure.