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  • Oldblackbird - QuickBooks for Mac

    I bought this version for my Mac, thinking that it would be easier to use than the PC version. I was seriously wrong, as the Mac version is not intuitive, has far less features than the PC version, and in general, was a poor choice on my part. There is actually a steeper learning curve for the Mac version vs the PC, but it works. I will say that the online payroll services are great!

  • Judith D. Woronka - Very good

    Great book good storyline i wish there would have been more detail into how the Cupid was changing the course of this species

  • RocketKitty - Old faithful

    I've bought Speck cases for my iProducts before and they've weathered flights down stairs, drops onto concrete, and rough rides in a filthy backpack and every case has taken it like a champ. I've never had any screens cracked or buttons smashed because of the jell insides in the case, and it slides easily in and out of pockets because of the shell outside. Overall it's a very safe and protective case.

  • Mel is belle - Go to plates

    Go to plates to reduce the amount of dishes that we make in the house. Good size. The 10 inch plates are huge and promote over eating, these are just the right size.

  • Amalia C Ortiz - This works great once the lice is actually gone first

    This works great once the lice is actually gone first. Don't expect it to kill existing adult lice or eggs. Once I did the shampoo treatment on my daughter we then started using this to keep them away. So far so good but it's only been a week.

  • Heather Veronica - Who doesn't love tasty gummies instead of pills?

    I got this to help my hair grow healthier because of a lot of dying and straightening. I had to cut a lot of it off because it was really damaged. I love these because it isn't just biotin... and they are gummies! :P I'm such a kid! Lol They taste so good I have to stop myself from eating a bunch every time I take them! I definitely recommend these for hair growth! I received these at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.