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  • Amazon Customer - As soon as I took the smart watch out of the box I could not wait

    As soon as I took the smart watch out of the box I could not wait. As soon as I put it on the charger I started to go through all of the functions a little later on I synced my phone up and started to discover what everything did. When the watch was fully charged I put it on and it did everything that it was supposed to do.

  • Kerry Bruno - Its fun and exercise

    My kids just can't stop playing this game, and how can I say no? Its fun and exercise! (they are 5 and 10)

  • papermodelfan - You cannot carbonate juice with this

    I really wish it had been made clear before I bought it, that it is only calibrated for water - not any other liquids. I had an exciting afternoon trying out this Soda maker for the first time. It works fine with cold water, but when I filled it with cranberry juice, and tried to carbonate that, the results were interesting. When I removed the bottle from the device, it fizzed up explosively, and I had to mop juice off the walls, ceiling, floor and me. I see that the iSi device does work with juices, but you fill it about 1/3 less. The schnozzle on this device is not long enough to reach down into the liquid if the bottle was only 2/3 full. Maybe if we turn it upside down?

  • bozo - Nice antenna!

    This looks much better than the abortion ford put on the new stangs. This stubby fits well and is easy to install. Highly recommended. There was some writing on the base of the antenna that I didn't want on my car, so I called the company and they sent me one without the etching.

  • Amazon Customer - Another disappointment

    I took the supplement for a month, the outcome: no energy and no weight loss. I had hoped that with all the good reviews that GNC had posted, that the next "Xenadrine" (the real Xenadrine, with ephedra) had finally been found.

  • Wook - Work great and good looking

    The racks are well made and fit perfectly on our 2015 Honda CRV. They are very easy to install and look great. Highly recommended.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for Couches

    Product works great - I used this on a new couch before a house warming party. It took away my concerns of people spilling wine on it and it being ruined. It may not completely stop stains, but it gives you time to wipe them up. Almost like a rain guard for your couch.