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  • https://www.drugchat.org/news/early-adhd-detection-substance-abuse ADHD & Substance Abuse - Early Diagnosis & Treatment | DrugChat - Evidence suggests that central nervous system stimulants many lead to the use of more elicit substances.
  • https://www.drugchat.org/news/statins-ldl-cholesterol-heart-attack-risks Statins May Lower LDL Cholesterol, But Is There Benefit? | DrugChat - Low LDL-C levels may not offer any level of protection from secondard heart attacks according to a recent American Medical Association study.
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  • https://www.drugchat.org/news/opioid-addiction-treatment Opioid Addiction Treatment - Department of Health Changes | DrugChat - New Department of Health rules now allow doctors to treat almost three times as many patients for heroin or painkiller addiction with the drug Suboxone.

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  • Ms S. - love just dance

    so i love just dance. i've been collecting them all like poke balls lol. i love the song choices and the choreography for this one. and they've definitely made the graphics a lot better. my favorite feature though is the online mode. so much fun, you just hop on get on a team and play with people all around the world, which is something you can't do with any of the other just dance games. so worth the money, and its a great work out. my 47 year old mom even loves it


    wasup the stuff really works so all of you saying it didnt thats just because you didnt use it right, i bought the stuff like two months ago to drug test for my Probation officer, i didnt take it for two whole months cuz i was scared it wouldnt work, till just yesterday 12/23/11 i had an appointment for my PO so i took the liquid stuff 1 hour and like 40 minutes before i went to go see my PO and i drank like 7 bottles of water, and i had drug tests so i pee tested my self and i was clean, i went to see my PO at 1:30pm and he pee tested me i was shaking that the drink wasnt gunna work, but it did i was CLEAN! now ima enjoy christmas with my family(; CHEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  • kornkob95 - The perfect umbrella

    I have many great things to say about this umbrella! First off I love the handle on this. I took it inside the grocery store and was able to attach the handle on the cart without any worries that it would fall off. I also felt the handle was easier to hold on to then the more traditional type of handles. Secondly, we went to Chicago this weekend and had to use it. Everyone knows Chicago is the "Windy City" and it is true! This umbrella held up so nice in all the wind! I was really impressed. It is double layered so it is really well made too. It also comes with a case that has two handles. I loved this! You can put each handle around each arm and carry it like a backpack. This worked out great when I was carrying a lot of other items. And the best part of this umbrella is that it is Inverted. That means it folds the opposite way then other umbrellas. I found this easier to open and much easier to put it back in its bag. I am so happy with the purchase of this! I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Amazon Customer - Somewhat disappointed

    I purchased this item to replace a older mop/only Bissell steam floor cleaner. I didn't realize that the sweeper portion of the unit did not allow for the steam/mop pad to reach along the edges of the floors and baseboards. I love the idea, but it doesn't work as I expected. If the unit would swivel to allow to reverse the direction, it would get into those close spaces, but it doesn't. I will keep the product, but it isn't what I expected.

  • Susie Darling - Disappointing to say the least...

    I had an old version of a Hallmark Card Studio that worked on my windows XP OS and I loved it. I was able to create ANYTHING with it. This HCS is worthless in comparison. Yes, there are many extra graphics and fonts at my fingertips, but it doesn't offer as many projects as it claims and adding text and setting dimensions is a real pain. I'm glad I didn't spend more than $13.00 on it, because it's worth far less and at least I didn't break my wallet as much as Hallmark has broken my confidence in their product.