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  • Jane C Mayer - exactly as ordred

    I was a bit concerned when I ordered this product because there was not explicitly listed number of tea bags, but it came with 8 as I had hoped and was in great condition!

  • Liza - Great item!

    I am collecting the new quarters for my children. They will each have a set & these books are great. The quarters fit right into the slots with no trouble & they don't fall out.

  • Amazon Customer - Masterbrain

    I have been taking Masterbrain for about two weeks now and I absolutely love it. Masterbrain is a cognitive enhancement and nootropic product, and has two formulas. Since I began taking the AM formula I have noticed a significant decrease in mental fog, an increase in mental sharpness, and much clearer thought processing. These effects were noticeable during the second day of taking this product. I also feel more focused inside and outside the gym. The PM formula helps with sleep and relaxation; I wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for that something extra to keep them going throughout the day as well as any one trying to get that extra edge and focus in the gym.

  • Valerie Antonio - Awesome TV mount

    I am completely in love with Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount. It was super easy to set up. I have a 50 inch smart TV and I was a little scared to hang it but this mount is nice and firm. I put it together in under an hour. This mount does not sway at all. I just wanted to make sure I put that out there incase thats what your looking for. It is completely adjustable and fit my 50 inch easily. I feel like I have been missing out because The view with the TV mounted looks so much prettier. I have more space for other stuff in my entertainment room. I was given this Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • De Provence - Remington IPL6000

    I purchased this product with a little bit of hesitation as it is expensive but thought I would give it a try. I used it primarily on leg and arm hair. I have a fair complexion and brown hair which is supposedly ideal for the best results for this item. I read the directions so I would get the full benefits of the IPL. The IPL was small, nicely made and easy to use and wasn't painful even on the highest setting. I used it twice in 2 weeks as directed and was ready to use it for the third time. Upon turning the unit on the third time it did not chirp to indicate it was ready. I decided to return it since it was not working properly. Of course I did not get to see the benefits from prolonged use over time, but it did not seem to stop any hair from coming back in the spots that I used it on. They stated in the instruction booklet that you should see up to a 45% decrease in hair after just 2 uses. I did not see that result. I may have seen a 5% decrease but it is very difficult to say. Since the IPL wasn't working correctly and I was disappointed, I returned the unit for a refund.

  • monicapalacios - As good as usual

    The 2013 selection of readings was as good and complete as usual in the series. The first one: "Finding Oscar..." about the Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala was my favorite of the non-fiction selection, and "Everyone's Reading Bastard", by Nick Hornby, was the best of the fiction.