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  • bookworm - Short Story

    I didn't notice that t his was a short story and so was shocked when it ended..Well I guess I am,sadly, finished with the Tracy Crosswhite series.

  • Christy Winters - Amazing!

    I bought this for my son, who is an avid gamer. He had been talking about this one for awhile and he was super excited to receive it! At first, he had difficulty getting it set up and was afraid it was only for mac computers and his is windows based. But, luckily, after some tinkering around with it, he had it up and running. It has many pre-set configurations and he found many more available to download. It is really fun and exciting to see all the different patterns that are possible and even better watching his excitement in configuring it and showing it off! Highly recommended for adults or teen gamers or anyone who wants to make their pc experience more exciting!

  • libbylab - Pepper was clean and easy to bath.

    I was quite pleased wit Moosh and my dog did not react negatively to it; I think because there was not a bad odor like soap. Since Pepper is a 70 lb black Lab, I had previously had real fighting matches with Pepper holding her in water while I applied soap which made a smell Pepper DID NOT LIKE!