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  • Penni - I'm sold!

    I use this on all of my vehicles to keep the "fuel flowing smooth." I used as a gas additive and injector cleaner. Easy to use as a gas additive. Takes a little bit of mechanical skill to use it to clean your injectors (initial smoke can be unnerving if you're not expecting to see it). You can even use Sea Foam as oil treatment but I haven't done that yet. I recommend you use this stuff... especially on an older vehicle that has been neglected tune-ups. I noticed an increase in my gas mileage and a more responsive engine.

  • J. Buchanan - Works Great

    Excellent! Reception is great and I can now get the van washed in an automated car wash - much more convenient! I'm able to get HD Radio signals as well as the standard FM and AM signals just as well as with the tall antenna the minivan came with.


    THE BEST THING FOR BABY'S BOTTOM, PERIOD! It is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. I put this on my babies after every diaper change, regardless of whether they need it or not. When they do have a little redness/irritation it works instantly. It's almost completely gone by the next diaper change. My toddler fell asleep with a dirty diaper once, without me realizing and when he woke up he was SOO red and irritated. I slathered this on thick and in a day or two it was completely gone! Life saver. I have it on auto-delivery every month and keep the travel tube in my baby bag. I will not be without it!

  • Paul Feng - Best helmet ever

    It is a cliché to write a bike helmet review after having a crash. Well, count me in! I already regarded this as the best helmet I've ever owned, due to lightness and ventilation. Now I can say that it saved me from a traumatic brain injury.