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Responsible Use of Animal Medicines - EPRUMA - A European platform for the responsible use of animal medicines, promoting best practices and ensuring animal health, animal welfare and public health.

  • http://www.epruma.eu/contact/contact-us.html Contact Us - EPRUMA - If you have an inquiry regarding ther responsible use of veterinary medicines or wish to be informed on EPRUMA news regularly, please contact.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/accessibility.html Accessibility - EPRUMA - Linking best practice with animal health. Responsible use of medicines in disease prevention and control, involving veterinarians, farmers, animal medicine manufacturers, feed manufacturers.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/about/about-epruma.html Responsible Use of Veterinary Medicines - EPRUMA - EPRUMA is a multi-stakeholder platform promoting best practices and responsible use of veterinary medicines for animal disease prevention and supporting animal welfare.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/about/partners.html Partners in Animal Health and the Responsible Use of Veterinary Medicines - EPRUMA - EPRUMA partners include veterinarians, farmers, veterinary medicines and manufacturers, feed manufacturers, sustainable agriculture professionals and pharmacists.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/benefits/about-veterinary-medicines.html About Veterinary Medicines and Animal Vaccines - EPRUMA - Veterinary medicines are substances intended for use in animal disease prevention and animal disease cure. They include animal vaccines, antimicrobials, and parasiticides.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/benefits/benefits-to-society.html Veterinary Medicines - Benefits to Animal Health and Welfare - EPRUMA - Veterinary medicines are valuable tools for veterinarians, farmers and pet owners to ensure animal health and welfare and contribute to food safety and public health.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/benefits/licensing.html Licensing of Veterinary Medicines - EPRUMA - A veterinary medicine licence means veterinary medicines only reach the marketplace once their safety, quality and efficacy are clearly demonstrated, and after review by the relevant authorities.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/benefits/administration-of-veterinary-medicines.html Veterinary Medicine Administration - EPRUMA - Veterinary medicines can be administered via various routes. These include local and systemic uses - both internal and parenteral.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/benefits/further-information.html Further Veterinary Medicine Information - EPRUMA - Further sources on the marketing authorisation of veterinary medicines, on vaccines and on the European cascade procedure.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/audience/veterinarians.html Veterinarians - Best Practice in Veterinary Medicine - EPRUMA - Veterinarians promote the responsible use of veterinary medicines, prescribe medicines after careful examination, and explain how the medicines should be used.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/audience/farmers.html Good Farm Management Practices and Animal Health - EPRUMA - Farmers’ primary goal is to have healthy animals through good husbandry. EPRUMA provides them with a practical framework of best practices on the use of veterinary medicines.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/audience/pet-owners.html Pet Healthcare and Responsible Use of Veterinary Medicines - EPRUMA - Responsible pet ownership involves providing the best pet healthcare under the guidance of veterinarians. Benefits of responsible use of veterinary medicines include disease prevention through vaccination, safeguarding the health and welfare through effective treatments, and controling diseases that can be transmitted to humans by pets (zoonoses), thereby reducing the occurrence of pathogens.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/audience/consumers-and-food-chain.html Use of Veterinary Medicines and Food Producing Animals - EPRUMA - EPRUMA contributes to the provision of safe, healthy, affordable and wholesome food, efficiently derived from healthy food producing animals animals.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/topics/all-topics.html Antimicrobials in Food Producing Animals and Companion Animals - EPRUMA - Promoting responsible use of antimicrobials in food producing animals and pets to safeguard antimicrobial efficacy.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/topics/antibiotics-in-companion-animals.html Antibiotics in companion animals - EPRUMA - Responsible use of antimicrobials in veterinary medicine is vital to maintain antimicrobial efficacy in pets.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/topics/antibiotics-in-food-producing-animals.html Antibiotics in food-producing animals - EPRUMA - The administration of antimicrobial medicines should be complementary to good farm management practices and properly designed animal vaccination programmes.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/news/all-news.html Veterinary News & Animal Health News - EPRUMA - A collection of news regarding animal health and the responsible use of veterinary medicines.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/news/news.html Veterinary Medicine News - EPRUMA - News articles focusing on the responsible use of veterinary medicines and veterinary medicine news
  • http://www.epruma.eu/publications/all-publications.html Animal Health Publications on Responsible use of Veterinary Medicines - EPRUMA - Veterinary resources and veterinary publications from EPRUMA and their partners on the responsible use of medicines in animal health
  • http://www.epruma.eu/publications/brochures.html Best Practice Brochures on Responsible Use of Veterinary Medicines - EPRUMA - Brochures by EPRUMA promoting best practices through the responsible use of veterinary medicines.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/publications/other-sources.html Veterinary Medicine Posters, Brochures & Veterinary Resources - EPRUMA - Other resources on best practice in animal health including brochures and posters on the responsible use of veterinary medicines in food producing animals and pet health.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/publications/videos.html Responsible Use and Animal Health Videos - EPRUMA - Responsible use of veterinary medicine videos by EPRUMA and the role of of partners in the responsible use of veterinary medicines.
  • http://www.epruma.eu/events.html Veterinary Events on Animal Medicine - EPRUMA - Veterinary events and veterinary conferences related to animal medicine and responsible use.

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