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  • Nathan - Good first step towards success on test day

    It was helpful in preparing for COMLEX, but not sufficient to study from on it's own. Practice questions are a must. But, this is a good place to start as it has high yield bullet-style facts from nearly every subject that you should be familiar with. It is worth making it your primary resource, but don't depend on this solely to hope to get by on test day.

  • Addicted to Amazon - I cant believe these actually work!!!!

    These are truly the best. You just have to take my word on them being the only thing ive ever seen or used that actually works. Its like it doesn't just cover up the smell, its like the smell never happened! The lavender and original both smell great and you cant go wrong. Just give it a try and you will probably be like me where I bought them as gifts for everyone!

  • Noah Moyers - FinalMouse is my favorite mouse so far!

    Been using the FinalMouse for a bit now after seeing Adren (cs go pro) using it on twitch. Overall impression is that it is definitely a solid performance based mouse. I'm definitely liking it better than the logitech and razr products I had before. If you play league of legends or any other face paced games I'd highly recommend this mouse.

  • SNC Colorado Springs - Buyer Beware

    When you sign up for Enhance Payroll with unlimited employees, there is $2.00 fee per employee / per month. For us, that means that we are paying an additional $30.00 per month on average. I will go a different direction next year. For now, I am stuck with this. I'm feeling a little misled and the information was not documented anywhere visible.

  • R. Grant - Definitely not the best

    I've tried Align for several months, with no noticeable improvement. I've had intestinal gas and bloating since an attack of gastroenteritis while in China two years ago. The Align did not help at all. Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support worked better and did give some relief, but my gut is still not where it was two years ago. I have consulted a gastroenterologist and had a $13,000 workup, including upper GI and colonoscopy, with little improvement, except what has occurred naturally and slowly since the attack of gastroenteritis. My intestinal flora appear to have changed, and Align did nothing to help it. Try something else.

  • H. Kitchen - Will not run on my current Windows 7 System

    Purchased to replace 2006 version and on installation chose not to keep old program. Installed quickly with indication of successful installation. Would not start, indicating mfc100.dll missing from computer. Followed instructions to reinstall with same result. Tried uninstalling program, rebooting, then installing again - many times. Same result. Can not get this program to run, so will return and look for another product on Amazon.

  • Barbara Good - Wonderful!

    We love these mashed potatoes. Not much salt (but still more than we want) and some dairy which I wish was not in there, but the taste is great. I use these potatoes for sauerkraut, salmon cakes, and with meals. I've tried other brands, but this is absolutely the best.