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Social Housing, Contractor & Housebuilder Market Intelligence Databases - Focal Research Ltd - We are a small, highly successful, specialist business offering a wide range of Market Intelligence Database services to those targeting the social housing and other sectors.

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  • Luke's Mom - Didn't work for my husband but he is BAD. Worth a try I think.

    The reviews for this seemed pretty great. All the ingredients are supposed to be great for allergies and have been recommended for years in many resources. Even my son's integrative allergist sells D-Hist for his patients who don't want to or can't take medicine for their allergies and he has had much success with it. My husband took the full dosage for four bottles and did not notice any change in his bad Texas allergies. Disappointed though I have no doubt it works for many others. Not for everyone.

  • m.ozolins - I love the New Yorker Magazine

    It is filled with intelligent content, interesting reviews and great cartoons. I love the multi-media features in the Kindle edition. It's a great read and I look forward to each issue, as I have for many years

  • Bill M. - A useful piece of mounting hardware.

    This seems to be a good product. Since it was designed to fit a number of vehicles, it is not an instant fit, but easily adaptable. I understand that it's not being made any more, which is shame. For my Ford Ranger, it allows using many stereos that would either not fit or leave a 1-2" gap.

  • Mike P - This product works great! Zero white residue

    My YMCA started cracking down on using powder chalk for weightlifting as it can get messy and all over the equipment. This product works great! Zero white residue, dries quick, and a lot cheaper than some of the other leading brands.

  • Redwolf11 - Nothing "Platinum" About It

    If the price seems too good to be true, that's because despite being "Platinum" it wants you to buy additional components. Nero Platinum used to be fully featured, but it seems like nowadays the makers are resorting to dirty tricks to hook you and then hoping you'll pay extra for features that used to come standard. Not sure if it's because in this day and age of mobile devices and streaming content, Nero is seeing the writing on the wall that its product no longer has much of a mainstream need anymore. Too bad, this is probably the last edition I ever pay for.