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    Somehow, moisture always manages to get where we don't want it. And it can do a lot of damage -- like fostering mold and mildew. DampRid is just the thing for getting rid of it. You simply place the DampRid container in the affected area, and in a matter of hours, you will see that the DampRid crystals are disappearing and the bottom portion of the container is filling with liquid. This is the moisture that has been drawn out of the air. I bought this 4-lb tub thinking I would use it to refill a few small DampRid containers I've saved from earlier purchases. But I see that if I don't want to transfer the DampRid crystals, I don't have to -- the tub can work as an absorbing container. I probably WILL transfer the crystals, since the smaller containers are handier. But if you had a large area -- like a basement -- to take care of, this big tub would be just the ticket. (Naturally, you need to towel up as much liquid as you can before turning to the DampRid ... it's for the moisture in the air that you CAN'T mop up.)

  • Cbreezee - waiting for a change

    I've been taking these for about a month now... not sure if I'm seeing actual results from this, but I'm sticking with it for now. (I am also using an enhancement cream, so who knows which is having more of an effect on my body.) Speedy delivery, no issues.

  • Clayton - good sound but maybe a dud

    The reviews on this product were largely positive and *not free*, which spurred my purchase. The packaging was good and it arrived in a timely manner. Upon receiving these, i tested them out for awhile.

  • AmyQwith2 - A must have for RV's - year round

    We used these in our RV last year during the off season to keep the moisture levels down, but then got rid of them in the spring when we reopened. In the summer we noticed a musty smell when it was closed up for a few days. So now we are using these year-round and noticing the buckets are taking out moisture all the time. Definitely a necessity for those poorly-insulated campers.