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  • HikerPal - Be Aware of the aptX LOW LATENCY codec COMPATIBILITY (Miccus Provides Great Customer Service)

    Good quality product and great sound (for audio only). Problem syncing audio with TV video. Be Aware of the aptX LOW LATENCY codec COMPATIBILITY with your existing Bluetooth devices. On the positive side Miccus provide excellent technical support. They actually sent me emails and called me in less than 12 hours of my request for support. The Miccus support tech was unbelieveably informative, communicated well and was very informative. It was my mistake for mot checking out the aptX LOW LATENCY compatibility. I unfortunately will have to return this because I already have speakers, 2 hrs. of earbuds and wireless headphones that are not compatible.

  • Byron Curry - The most durable messenger bag, ever!

    I purchased this bag not having ever heard of the company timbuk2 and I was kind of leary just because I carry a lot of stuff in my messenger bags; books upon books, pens, multiple cell phones, chargers, a tablet, papers and occasionally water bottles. I've gone through many messenger bags and this is he finest one I've purchased and possibly the last!

  • Christy Winters - Amazing!

    I bought this for my son, who is an avid gamer. He had been talking about this one for awhile and he was super excited to receive it! At first, he had difficulty getting it set up and was afraid it was only for mac computers and his is windows based. But, luckily, after some tinkering around with it, he had it up and running. It has many pre-set configurations and he found many more available to download. It is really fun and exciting to see all the different patterns that are possible and even better watching his excitement in configuring it and showing it off! Highly recommended for adults or teen gamers or anyone who wants to make their pc experience more exciting!

  • Todd B. Amenrud - Acting OK, story sucked, excellent special effects.

    The acting was OK, but the story sucked. You'd think that if they're going to put all that money into a movie maybe the could spend some on the writers. It was basically the same story as the first with a slight twist at the end.

  • Stefohnee - leaves fine hair a little greasy

    Also, don't get these if you want them to get through TSA at the airport - they're too big! They might not notice, but if you get the one TSA person having a bad day, they might make you throw it away because it's 4 oz containers, not 3. They seem too big for airline travel and too small for regular use, even though it's a starter kit. I would expect to get more product for almost thirty bucks.

  • JacerBro 1125 - Deer Hunter

    This game is freaking sick I love this game I will play this all the time But the only problem is that you should make it easier to get glu points