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  • Lisa F - Does Not work as Advertised

    I have a small area on my arm from poison ivy. As soon as I noticed it I used Zanfel as per the package directions. The itching went away for a few hours but then it returned. The bumps and redness never disappeared. I then used Zanfel a second time on the same area with the same results. I've used Zanfel 4 times on this same area in a 48 hour time period. All it does is reduce the itching for a few hours. I can get the same results with Benedryl topical for a much cheaper price. I will not buy this product again.

  • Victoria K - Tastes Bad.

    My baby hated the taste of this, every time I tried to give her some, as soon as she'd taste it she'd try so hard to spit it all out.

  • pollock - You'll need 2 or 3 bottles and 2 coats. Buy 6 bottles of other products for the same price

    I detail all 3 of my cars twice a year, clay bar, wax and do the interior . Wipe new is unforgiving. If not applied properly it will streak, leave marks where it is unattended. One bottle will not be enough to finish the interior of a Honda Civic, let alone do the 2 coats that will be needed. Flat plastic non textured surfaces streak easily. Application instructions say to overlap surfaces with one swipe. That is very hard unless the applicator cloth is saturated thus over applying product. If you work the product into textured surfaces it tends to streak, much like over brushing with paint or varnish. Not even bother try leather, the leather will absorb so much material and a 2nd coat will be needed. I did the running boards of my Honda Pilot and the tailgate lip protector. 1 month and 1 car wash later the areas were spotted and weathered. The black panel below the rear bumper and mudguards retained their finish. As much as the product costs it would be better to buy 4 bottles of armour all or comparable product and apply the product one or twice a year

  • goodem - I have no qualms telling you to pick up all her novels because one is never enough with ARI.

    Once again Alyssa Rose Ivy wows you with her paranormal world filled with grizzlies, Pterons and other mythical creatures that captivate you while mentally challenging you to try to guess what ARI has up her sleeve for the next book! I continue to say this with every review I write, but ARI's attention to detail, creativity and never ending talent of creating intricate stories that are all intertwined never ceases to amaze me.

  • Sarah Littman - Light and easy to handle

    Easy to handle with one hand. Comfortable grips. Easy to fold once you get used to it. It takes two hands to fold it. Super lite. We love it.


    I am google all day and was trying to decide on this hp with windows 10 or a google Chromebook. My choice lies with the HP. MAIN REASON IS FUNCTIONALITY OF OVERALL HARD DRIVE, BATTERY LIFE AND MEMORY THAT THIS LAPTOP OUT BEAT CHROMEBOOK BY A LANDSLIDE. So i bought this computer for the price and reading other reviews i based it would be great for college. Its my first time having windows 10 ( im a googler). I must say all my nerves where gone within a couple hours of setting up and playing with this Hp. After uploading and backing up my complete phone to it, downloading over 35 apps ( including Netflix, hulu and watch-series) which a lot of video streaming. With only doing this i still haven't put a dent in my memory! Not even say used 10% or less battery life. It has a very very easy setup and if you where to run into anything to stop your process the one detail i love is the cortana feature. at the bottom left side its almost like a siri or a OK google. It will find anything in the laptop or search the web with answers easily. I was mostly nervous because i have google EVERYTHING and knowing i was getting a laptop with Windows i was nervous if i would not be able to back things up. I then realized when i set up windows office it combines your default system like my gmail address. The 14inchs where a little bit bigger than i thought it would be but i wont complain because the weight is so light and structure very strong. Last thing i did was follow a review about upgrading the ram. I do recommend with me being in school, emailing using microsoft word downloading papers i wanted to make sure it was the up most sufficient device i own and i am NOT DISAPPOINTED.

  • redj - Good product for oily buildup

    Did a great job in removing the oily buildup on my dog but only lasted a week before I had to wash him again. Taking him to the vet to see if there is something with more medication in it.