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  • Parts Man 94 - Great Book !

    Easy to read and understand. Pictures are good and torque specs. with each repair. The best repair manual that I have used.

  • jtalbott - ... not include leaflet to upgrade to all the songs like it's supposed to

    Game does not include leaflet to upgrade to all the songs like it's supposed to. App also doesn't work with phone and it keeps shutting off.

  • A. Gross - Simple and effective

    I've been using Kasperski for about 18 months now. It seems to be effective and runs in the background without bogging my PC down, unlike McAfee did. I read some horror stories about the renewal process, so I just bought the newest version off of Amazon when my previous subscription ran out and had no problems installing the latest version, I was even able to transfer the license to my new PC, with no hassles at all.

  • B. Wueste - Great price. Is it effective? Who knows

    I haven't gotten any viruses so I guess that means it's getting the job done. It's not intrusive and you only see a pop up once a month or so. The only time it gets annoying is at the tail end of the subscription term when they try to hound you to renew automatically through Norton at a very inflated price. No thanks, I'd rather pay 75% less and just buy my new subscription on Amazon each year.

  • handypride - Excellent product

    Hired first employee after 10 years in business. I was very intimidated by all I had to do to run my business and be above board with all the tax, insurance, legal. Quick books payroll was money well spent for peace of mind and smooth transition. They were great on the phone getting me all set up. Great product!

  • weatheringthestorm - Varied tips for every issue.

    This comes with really 10 different tips to get those blackheads out however is most comfortable for you. Nice choice selection. Fatter ones and thinner ones or you can use a finger and one that looks like the arrowhead. That's how I use this kit. I have large pores and still will find a blackhead here and there. I like to get them out fast. I find I feel safest if I use the rubbing alcohol before and after using them on my face because if you don't I feel like you can infect other pores. That just makes good sense as well. The picks are made with a surgical steel so that was a great plus in their direction. After I finish I wash my face and use one of those wipe pads from someone like Clearasil or from the Avon Lady. It feels pretty good on my face and the oily feeling is gone. I have also used the Tree Oil Scrubs which feel good after I wash my face and they also exfoliate and leave my skin feeling moisturized and hydrated. So it is kind of a process going on, but when you get my age of 60 you really have a lot to do to keep up the skin. These are worth it to get the complete blackhead out and that takes pressure like you can get from these picks. Fingers and fingernails won't do it on some of those things. I also lay a hot rag over my face sometimes to get the blackheads to loosen up. Case is very nice to have and keep everything nice and neat and all together.