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  • Bozie - Returned the Phil & Ted's for the Inglesina

    We have 7 mos twins and didn't want to invest in two highchars. We bought 1 Inglesina and 1 Phil & Teds to try each. We returned the P&Ts. P&T's chair had an uncomfortable back bar to it. While easy to use and came with the tray, for the price we returned it and bought a 2nd Inglesina.

  • Just G - awesome product but why so much $ on Amazon?

    I have used this product for several years and truly love it. No alcohol, no offensive taste, no burning - AND - it works! My only question is why is this product so expensive on Amazon? I now buy it at Walmart for $7.97 per bottle. The toothpaste is the same price. I hope Amazon negotiates a better price - I would rather support Amazon than Wallie World.

  • David Phillips - I absolutely love this software

    I absolutely love this software. I purchased this copy because I purchased a new laptop, and I wouldn't even consider using anything else. I have no clue why others have said it's difficult to download, because it's not. Download, register and your done. That's it. I've been using BitDefender for years now because I got tired of paying the Geek Squad to remove malware from my computers. Trust me when I say that I've tried them all, and BitDefender is the only software that I've found that never lets ANYTHING through. One reviewer said it was too expensive and gave it 3 stars due to the cost. Seriously? $56 for THE best anti-virus software on the market and you can download to three different machines for up to a year? I would have happily paid double if I had to.

  • Nancy Morton - Great for short projects

    If you only need Adobe Creative Suite products for a short time, this is a good way to go. We purchased because we are publishing our annual member's guide for our club. It worked great for that purpose.

  • Tina R Hill - I also like that it is not stiff at all

    This is a very well made and durable bath mat. Most mats I've bought in the past were thin and didn't last long. I also like that it is not stiff at all. Very easy to use. Sticks to the tub perfectly without issues. This may also has a great nonslip surface. Mats I've had in the past really weren't worth the hassle. They were stiff, hard to stick to the surface and were slippery themselves. I've not had this issue with this mat. I highly recommend this mat for a safe surface in the tub or shower.

  • D. Dickenson - Chemical and toxin free

    I have not been reading good things about the chemicals and toxins in baby products. I looked on the EWG site and this has neither chemicals nor toxins. I sent it to my daughter for the two grandbabies. I also ordered one for myself. It has a pleasant, light citrus scent. It is a large container, comes out as foam and will last a long time. I feel that the price is worth it. Gives me peace of mind. I plan to keep my daughter supplied with it.

  • Ron Morgan - Very pleased - performs better than I expected

    I purchased this UPS to replace two individual units that provide backup power and conditioning to our entertainment center. I have been using this for a while now, and have experienced numerous power fluctuations and outages, and it works like a charm. It can provide power to my 42" television, audio system,and cable box for about 30 minutes. This gives me plenty of time to start the generator. Actually, for the price Amazon charges for this you would probably spend close to that just replacing a couple of batteries in an old UPS.