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Focused Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials | Praxis - Praxis is a focused patient recruitment agency. We find the right patients for clinical trials and pharmaceutical drug studies worldwide.

  • https://www.gopraxis.com/experience/ Experienced Patient Recruitment Agency | Praxis - Praxis is an experienced patient recruitment agency providing patient insights, patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/capabilities/ Patient Recruitment Services and Capabilities | Praxis - Praxis provides patient recruitment services including profiling, media strategy, advertising and design, marketing, social media, and websites.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/analytics/ Praxis - Clinical Trial Analytics for Patient Recruitment - Clinical trial analytics plays a role in Praxis recruitment campaigns. We employ linguistic analysis, SPSS and Google Anlaytics for every clinical trial.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/outreach/ Praxis - Community Outreach for Patient Recruitment - Praxis works with community support groups, medical clinics and doctors and physicians to find patients for clinical trials and medical studies.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/creative/ Creative Patient Recruitment Advertising | Praxis Communications - Praxis develops creative patient recruitment campaigns to attract potential patients for clinical trials. We develop creative marketing and advertising.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/digital/ Praxis - Digital Advertising for Patient Recruitment - Praxis develops unique online patient recruitment digital advertising. Websites, social media and online marketing plans for each clinical trial.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/influencer-outreach/ Praxis - Influencer Outreach for Patient Recruitment - Praxis researches potential influencers on social media channels. Our specialists evaluate bloggers who may be able to reach patients for clinical trials.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/international/ Praxis - Global Patient Recruitment and Clinical Trial Management - Praxis is based in Buffalo, NY but our global reach has allowed us to conduct clinical trial site management and global patient recruitment.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/media/ Praxis - Advertising for Clinical Trials - When advertising for clinical trials, Praxis media specialists develop strategic plans for patient recruitment using radio, print, and tv advertising.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/project-management/ Clinical Trial Management and Project Management | Praxis - Praxis project managers implement all facets of patient recruitment programs and go on-site to assist with clinical trial management.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/protocol-feasibility/ Clinical Trial Protocol Feasibility | Praxis Communications - Praxis performs protocol feasibility for potential clinical trials. We analyze, then build customized solutions for targeted patients for each protocol.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/retention/ Praxis - Clinical Trial Patient Retention - Praxis helps keep patients committed to their clinical trial. Retention tactics include branded study gifts, reimbursement programs and study reminders.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/site-relations/ Clinical Trial Site Relations and Study Management - Praxis manages patient relations at clinical study sites. Our site relationship specialists provide day-to-day recruitment support and patient retention.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/our-services/social-listening/ Praxis - Social Listening for Patient Recruitment - Praxis specialists perform research and use social listening to uncover your target audience and find patients for clinical studies.
  • https://www.gopraxis.com/contact/ Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Agency | Praxis - Contact Praxis for help with patient recruitment, patient profiling, outreach and patient recruitment for clinical trials and medical studies.

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  • Marc Driscoll - Six months later, I wouldn't be without it!

    I researched this product after it was recommended to me, and like a lot of people, I was skeptical. The science appeared sound, but anything can be made to sound good. I was having a lot of arthritis pain, and generally felt less energetic than I used to. After just a couple weeks of the CellFood on a daily basis, my pain was lessened, my energy increased, and I have no doubt that CellFood was the main cause. For a couple weeks I had to do without it because I couldn't afford a new bottle, and after a while I noticed a reduction in energy and a return to some pain - not to previous levels, but enough. I was glad to get back on the regimen. Highly recommended!!

  • Adam - Whole family, extended family & neighbours love it..

    Im from Australia and saw this mentioned in a web forum for skin healing.. I was desperate and shopped some from the states... WOW.. even shipped and converted to AUD its dirt cheap.. Im now using it every day after the sun, my wife has thrown all her expensive creams out and uses this all over.. my kids use it on their faces.. man.. this stuff is thick, non-greasy, dissapears quickly.. my sister wantt to know where we get it.. our neighbour saw it and wants some.. Gold Bond you really should export this stuff directly!!

  • Jennifer2276 - Good story

    Tempted was overall a great read. The story line was different than what I've been reading lately so that was a nice change. Elle loses her step father and runs into Liam at the inheritance reading. Things get complicated and they fight/bicker a lot but not in a way that is too annoying. Liam has secrets he feels bad keeping from Elle but I liked that overall they didn't have this huge breakup and separated for a long time. Things get crazy once secrets get out but they work through it. A nice read and recommend if you are looking for a quick read. I was given an ARC for an honest review.