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  • Cardinal Phil - a Midnight Rendevous with Sir Paul's songs

    A fabulous collection of covers of songs by Paul McCartney done lovingly done by John Pizzarelli in a modern Smooth Jazz feel ; with each song arraigned individually with care. The previous recorded rock songs like "Coming Up" are fabulously redone One song I never heard(or I do not remember ) is the song "Some People never know" . Truly a fun CD to listen to . The song "A Wonderful Christmas Time" reminded me of my favorite Christmas Album called "Joy to the World " By the group "Pink Martini"

  • Cville MTBer - So far so good. The adjustable strap is very convenient and accessible ...

    So far so good. The adjustable strap is very convenient and accessible from the front of the bag. I am able to fit 2 computers in the computer sleeve. A 13 in ThinkPad and a surface 4. The bag is very large so when I have it across my body, it is very large. Great personal bag for check on though.

  • killerbee - Great Stroller for the Money

    I like this stroller and it's a great buy for the money. It's great for around town use like shopping and walks to the park, but I don't recommend it for any type of unpaved trail or off roading since the tires are not suitable for that kind of terrain. (I knew this before I bought it.)

  • retrdpsych - Great product for my needs

    Bought this on Amazon because OFF! no longer handles this product. I have had chemotherapy 3 times and a stem cell transplant which caused my skin to be very intolerant of other repellants especially those with Deet. This product does the job and does not irritate my skin. I bought the cream as well as the liquid spray. Both work equally well.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't Like them at all

    Didn't Like them at all ; after two days of using it the volume is very low and it comes in and out... And people I talk to can't hear me :(

  • Anne S. - It has a great weight to it that I fell in love with ...

    This is the same razor that the Dollar Shave Club uses for its executive package - except much cheaper! It has a great weight to it that I fell in love with while borrowing my friend's razor. Because of that weight, the razor does the work for me when I use it to shave my legs. I'm not married to the 6 Plus razor heads, but luckily, the regular Pace 6 blades work with this handle as well, which I plan on using in the future (I don't need the detail blade for my legs).

  • Ladysmith - It really does help with the pain of a UTI or cystitis

    This really does help, it is such a relief. I could care less about what color my urine is. This helps not only with UTIs along with antibiotics, but also "honeymoon cystitis" - plus some Vagincaine "down there." The price on Amazon is very good and the shipping fast.