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Welcome To Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss provides personalized, multi-focus diet plans to help you lose weight and keep it off under a doctor's supervision.

  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/how-it-works How It Works – Three-step system that is medically supervised and completely customized for your body’s needs. - Here's how your medical weight loss team will identify why you're not losing weight and work with you to balance your hormones and your habits.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/programs/rapid-weight-loss-program Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - Rapid Weight Loss Program - The Rapid Weight Loss Program is built for those who would like to lose 30 or more pounds.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/programs/body-sculpting-program Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - Body Sculpting Program - This non-surgical liposuction alternative procedure puts you in control of your body’s ability to lose fat exactly where you want.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/programs/body-boost-program Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - Body Boost Program - The Body Boost Program was designed to help give your body the synergistic effect of adding targeted nutrients in boosting the performance of your body and burning fat.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/programs/hormone-reset-program Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - Hormone Reset Program - Hormones control every function in the body. When hormones are out of balance, they can cause problems for the entire body.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/programs/on-the-go-weight-loss-program Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - On-the-Go Weight Loss Program - Our On-the-Go Program is just what you need to get healthy and stay on track, no matter how busy you are.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/programs/tone-transform-program Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - Tone & Transform Program - Our Tone and Transform Program includes accountability groups, superfood shakes and workouts that you don’t even need to go to the gym for!
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/programs/get-the-support-program Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - Get the Support Program - Our Get the Support Program was created for those who need one-on-one guidance, support, or even just healthy lifestyle tips from a team of weight loss counselors.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/programs/burn-the-fat-program Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - Burn the Fat Program - We will work with you to lose the right type of weight through our fat burning support nutrient program.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/programs/energize-program Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss - Energize Program - You will receive B12 injections to jumpstart your energy and begin transforming yourself into a new you.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/promotions Weight Loss Promotions – Special Deals At GPM Weight Loss - Please check back often to discover the current promotions and discounts available at GPM Weight Loss clinics.
  • http://www.gpmweightloss.com/success-stories/weight-loss-before-and-after Weight Loss Before and After Photos - See the transformations of Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss clients in their weight loss before and after photos & hear how our diet program helped.
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