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Grand Falls Drug Store — A heritage of Service Since 1913 ⟩ Welcome - At Grand Falls Drug Store, we understand what heritage is all about. For more than 100 years we have been providing our customers with warm personal pharmacy service.

Country:, North America, CR

City: -84.0833 Provincia de San Jose, Costa Rica

  • KaylaSwaim82 - Super easy

    This was a super fast and easy download. Sure we could do the free one from H&R Block online but my husband doesn't like the idea that they are storing your info.

  • T. O. Neil - Rib tattoo, thanks to this stuff

    Well time for my ribs to get tattooed. I was super worried about dealing with the pain. I bought this stuff based on the reviews. The first hour I couldn't feel much at all, it was great. Next hour I could feel like 30 percent of the normal amount of pain, 3 hours in I could feel it wearing off. Maybe could feel 90 percent of the pain getting close to the 4th hour. Worth the money guys. Just get the most painful part tattooed first and put on the gel as directed. You will be happy,

  • Marie Westphal - Excellent nourishing serum

    This serum came in a very sturdy, expensive-looking dropper bottle. The serum itself is clear and completely odorless. There are no artificial colors or perfumes that might cause allergic reactions. It goes on very smoothly and makes my skin feel very smooth. It plumps up my wrinkles and they are disappearing!