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Professional Voice Over Services & Voice Over Training - Professional voice over recording & training. 25+ years experience. IVR, voice prompts, on hold, narration & more. Multilingual voices. Quick turnaround!

  • https://www.greatvoice.com/voice-over-services Voice Over Services - Great Voice - Professional voice over services. 25+ years experience. IVR, voice prompts, on hold, narration & more. Multilingual voices. Quick turnaround!
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  • https://www.greatvoice.com/training Voice Over Training from The Great Voice Company - Professional voice over training and voice coaching via online training courses, workshops and seminars for voice over talents and voice actors.
  • https://www.greatvoice.com/voice-recording Professional Voice Recording Services - Voice over recording using English, French, or Spanish voice talent. Voice prompts for your auto attendants and IVR prompt systems. Fast turnaround!
  • https://www.greatvoice.com/multilingual-services Multi-Lingual Services For Voice Recordings - Translation, interpretation, transcription and language voice services in a variety of languages. Our Multi-lingual Services have quick turnaround.
  • https://www.greatvoice.com/elearning-voice-narration Voice Narration For eLearning - Professional Voice Talent e-learning services for your company, by male and female voice artists and actors from Great Voice
  • https://www.greatvoice.com/broadcast-voice-overs Voice Over For Video Projects - Add a professional voice over talent to your video with our voice over services. Many languages available including translation.
  • https://www.greatvoice.com/voice-over-talent Professional Voice Over Talent Recording - Get a great voice over talent in any language. All of our voices are professional voice talent experienced in IVR, voice prompts, on hold, narration & more.

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  • paequest - I hate Intuit

    I have 3 employees and have been using QB payroll for years. Not knowing there was an alternative I have bought the update annually--at the rate of $422!!!!! I thought I was safe this year because they had an expired credit card on file -- but NO! Somehow they managed to charge the card even though I had never activated it! Meanwhile I find this version on Amazon, call them to find out if it will do what I need it to (and it better) and have a heated argument with the customer service person, who tells me I will have the incovenience of calling for a key and sometimes the DVD case gets damaged in the mail. So I assume from her non-answer that yes, it will work. Can't live without the program but boy do I hate the company.

  • Tara N. - AWESOME charger. I use it for all my batteries

    I have owned the SureCharge 2010 for 3 years now. I actually purchased it used on Ebay in a carry case for $50. Wanted to lend my feedback. AWESOME charger. I use it for all my batteries, LIpos, NmH etc. I have used it on PB batteries for my sons Power wheels. I can even charge 2 8.7v 3000 mah packs at the same time using the Y adapter for the EMaxx. Never had a problem. The charger even IDed a bad pack one time for me saving me from a fire. I love the versatility, the AC/DC power, all batt. types etc. Super small design, not much space on the bench. I use this honestly every other day, we play a lot and have over 15 RC vehicles. Love it so much I am purchasing the Racer's Edge 4 Port charger w/ the external power supply, tired of having to wait for one pack to charge then swap (1 hr for 4200 mah 8.7v totally dead to full). I have to charge several after playing. I have yet to need any customer service so I am not sure of how they are at that.

  • Patricia Pinson - Great product

    I had bought a new Honda Civic in red. I had always heard red fades easy. I didn't realize the difference it made until the other day. I saw a red Civic same year as mine and could not believe the difference in the paint after only 2 years. My car still looked brand new. I will always have this put on any car I buy. Great product.