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  • DaDenz - Great Truck!

    I love this truck! Mine is the limited edition, and it offers features that cannot be found on the competition. It drives like a truck (as a truck should), and has a dash and controls that are inviting, practical, and amazing to look at. It is a gorgeous truck. The only reason why I don't give it five stars is because it seems a little under-powered. This takes a little getting used to, since the driver has to "step on it" to get the same results that might be achieved by merely beginning to depress the gas pedal in other vehicles. But, when you step on it, it goes and gives plenty of power. It handles well, and overall, is a blast to drive. Its a nice size that offers the interior comforts of an SUV, with the practical back end of a truck. The size is great for getting in and out of a parking garage vs. a full size truck, while offering the ruggedness and practicality of a truck. This is a macho truck with a lot of the luxuries I've come to appreciate.

  • Laurie from Cleveland - Easy assembly and good unicycle

    Very easy assembly, which is what convinced me to get this unicycle. It came with the entire unicycle assembled other than the pedals and the seat.

  • Mrs. Paul - So far, so good

    When I bought my iphone 7, the store tried to charge me $35 for a glass screen protector. Definitely wasn't trying to buy that after paying so much for my phone. I took a chance and ordered this one which is way more affordable. So far I can say that this screen protector is really good. The glass is somewhat thick at first glance and touch. But when you put it on your phone it's not obvious on the screen. I like that it comes with wipes to make sure the screen is clean and free of dust before you put the screen protector on. It also comes with a rubber card to smooth out any air bubbles. When I put it in my phone it went on smooth so I didn't have to use the card. So far I'm satisfied with this screen protector.

  • whp48 - Great product at an exceptional price

    Great product at an exceptional price. I use Sea Foam on my 2007 Vw Passat with turbo and have had exceptional results period.My regiment is one can in the gas tank with fill up for clean injectors and the correct number of onces 1.5 / quarts of oil directly in the oil between 30 to 50 miles before you change your oil & filter.

  • Batuhan Demirci - Beware of knockoffs

    I once almost bought a cubic zirconia cable, but remember the two main differences: the white diamond HDMI cable should refract white light as shades of gray; and the cubic zirconia cables are not brought to you by African warlords. Support your local warlord, only buy real diamonds.


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