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Los Angeles Attorneys | Workers' Compensation | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - Contact Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced workers' compensation attorney in Los Angeles, California.

  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/million-cases/ Million Dollar Cases | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - Goldschmid, Silver and Spindel have the proven skills and resources to achieve multi-million-dollar results in select cases.
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/affiliations/ Affiliations | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - WE ARE PROUD TO REPRESENT MEMBERS OF THE FOLLOWING ASSOCIATIONS: Intl Brotherhood of Teamsters Assoc. of L.A. Deputy Sheriffs United Auto Workers
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/attorneys/vernon-goldschmid-esq/ Vernon Goldschmid | Senior Partner & Co-Founder | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - Vernon Goldschmid is the Senior Partner and co-founder of the law firm of Goldschmid, Silver and Spindel and has specialized in Workers’ Compensation law for over 40 years.
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/attorneys/lawrence-silver-esq/ Lawrence Silver | Co-Founder | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - Mr. Silver has been certified as a specialist in Workers’ Compensation law by the State Bar of California and was honored as being 1 of 41 attorneys who have been specialized in Workers’ Compensation Law for more than 30 years.
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/attorneys/james-malkin-esq/ James Malkin | Senior Litigator & Partner | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - In 1983, bringing his strong civil litigation background with him, he joined the firm of Goldschmid, Silver and Spindel and, subsequently, became a senior litigator and partner of the firm in 1988.
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/attorneys/suzanne-agatstein-esq/ Suzanne Agatstein | Partner | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - After several years of focusing on the defense side, she decided to switch to Plaintiff’s Workers’ Compensation. In 1994, she joined the law firm of Goldschmid, Silver and Spindel, and then went on to become a partner of the firm in 2000.
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/attorneys/maria-ochoa/ Maria Ochoa | Paralegal | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - Maria Ochoa is a paralegal at the Los Angeles law firm of Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel.
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/practice-areas/ Practice Areas | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel -   Workers' Compensation Environmental/Occupational Disease Emotional Stress Cumulative Trauma/Wear and Tear Brain Injuries Catastrophic Injur
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/practice-areas/workers-compensation/ Los Angeles Workers' Compensation Lawyer | Injuries, Trauma & Disease | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - The experienced attorneys at Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel have been handling workers' compensation cases in California for more than 40 years. Call today.
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/practice-areas/emotional-stress/ Emotional Stress | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - Stressful environments/situations can also cause injuries. Workers who sustain these injuries are also entitled to the same workers compensation benefits as any
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/practice-areas/workers-compensation/wear-tear-injuries/ Wear and Tear Injuries | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - Attorneys Help Victims of Repetitive Stress Injuries workers’ compensation lawyers represent those hurt by repetitive motion The lawyers at represent th
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/practice-areas/workers-compensation/brain-injuries/ Brain Injuries | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Providing experienced and focused representation A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a penetrating or concussive head wound tha
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/testimonials/ Testimonials | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - Read about what our clients have to say about working with Goldschmid Silver & Spindel
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/faqs/ Frequently Asked Questions | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - FAQs Who pays for workers' compensation? Why Can't I Get Medical Treatment? What is a work-related injury? What should I do if I'm injured on the job?
  • http://www.gsscomplaw.com/in-the-news/ In The News | Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel - WORKERS' COMPENSATION RIGHTS By Lawrence Silver, Esq., Article:Previous | Next WHAT IS AN INDUSTRIAL INJURY? An industrial injury includes any injury yo
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