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Private Gynaecologist - Gynaecology Care Clinic in London - The Gynae Centre is a leading private gynaecology care clinic in central London. We offer same day consultations with an experienced gynaecologist.

  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/about-us/ Private Gynaecology Clinic near Harley Street, London - The Gynae Centre was established in 1999 to provide women with a professional gynaecology care service to fit around their busy lives.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/our-services/ Gynaecology Services in London - Private Gynaecologist - The combination of advanced medical facilities and friendly, professional staff means any visit to the Gynae Centre will be a positive and fulfilling one.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/fees/ Fees - Private Gynaecology Clinic in London - For total peace of mind it is worth paying for a level of gynaecology care that simply isn’t available from the NHS.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/information/ Information - Private Gynaecology Clinic in London - In this section you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Simply click on a question to reveal the answer and click again to hide it.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/our-services/medical-abortion/ Private Abortion Clinic in London For Pregnancy Termination - We offer Medical Termination of Pregnancy (the Abortion Pill) in London - a safe and effective option for women who are between 6 and 9 weeks pregnant.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/our-services/pregnancy-termination-surgery/ Private Pregnancy Termination Clinic in London, UK - At The Gynae Centre, we provide fully licensed pregnancy termination abortion surgery, by MVA in a safe and reputable environment.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/our-services/abnormal-vaginal-bleeding/ Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding - Private Gynaecologist in London - Abnormal vaginal bleeding commonly occurs from the uterus. We can perform an investigation by ultrasound to elucidate the cause and recommend a treatment.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/our-services/abnormal-smear-and-colposcopy/ Abnormal Smear & Colposcopy - Private Gynaecologist London - The Gynae Centre offers cervical screening tests and colposcopy examinations. Any abnormal smear results can also be discussed with our gynaecologist.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/our-services/fertility-problems/ Fertility Problems - Private Gynaecology Clinic in London - If you are having problems conceiving, then you certainly aren’t alone because as many as one in six couples in the UK are unable to conceive naturally.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/about-us/dr-eskander/ Private Gynaecologist near Harley Street, London - Dr A Eskander is a highly experienced private gynecologist in central London. He offers same day consultations for women seeking gynaecology care.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/our-services/well-woman-check/ Well Woman Check — Thorough gynaecological exams in London - Our well woman clinic offers a well woman exam and other gynaecological services in state of the art facilities off London's Harley Street.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/our-services/baby-gender-scan/ Private Gender Scan in London - Sexing Scans for Baby's Sex - Sexing Scan We can determine the sex of your baby from as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy. (Most clinics offer the sexing scan only from 16 weeks
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/our-services/sexual-health/ Sexual Health - Private Gynaecology Clinic in London - Looking after sexual health is of paramount importance. Not only because sexual disease spread easily between partners but more importantly it can lead to serious and permanent damage to both women and men.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/links/ Private Gynaecology Clinic near Harley Street, London - The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy www.fertility-academy.co.uk One of London's leading private Assisted Conception (IVF) clinic specialising in IVF /
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/cookies-and-privacy-policy/ Cookies and Privacy Policy - This cookies and privacy policy sets out how The Gynae Centre uses and protects any information that you give when you use this website. The Gynae Centre is
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/ Private Gynaecology Clinic near Harley Street, London - The Gynae Centre only uses information from sources believed to be correct, but the website may contain inaccuracies.
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/about-us/nurses/ Nurses - Catalina Balan – Senior Nurse Catalina Balan – Senior Nurse Catalina moved to London having worked for over 10 years as a fully qualified nurse. Her
  • http://www.gynae-centre.co.uk/about-us/support-team/ Private Gynaecologist near Harley Street, London - Shermine is our Practice Manager. She has been working at the Gynae Centre since the day we saw our first patient back in 1999.

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  • The Pinnacle - Atrociously bad design

    The weld lines on this mount are just awful. Whomever welded this at the factory tilted the middle arm up by several degrees and then welded it crookedly. There is no way for the mount to stay level given this defect. Additionally, there was no lube whatsoever in the joints of the unit, meaning that there is a lot of metal on metal unless you take it apart and lube it. Furthermore, the tilt knobs can very easily bump into the backside of your tv, or conflict with the articulating arms. You can avoid this by unmounting everything and adjusting the collar bolts, but that is a huge pain and can still leave your tension off. This could have been remedied by the vendor using wing nuts from the side, but alas this is but one of many shortcomings of this unit. After three hours of trying to mount it and get it level, I just filed an RMA to Amazon.

  • Christine Campbell - Well organized tax guide - as usual

    I have used Lasser for at least 10 years. My only complaint that it is only available at the end of the year and is therefore not perfect for tax planning for the next year. It is very easy to use and very simple for the tax layman.

  • Amazon Customer - This is a great product but when received was in a big box ...

    This is a great product but when received was in a big box in another box and then the actual box which was open and the charger was missing....So disappointing!!!! I've requested a charger be nda to me so I don't have to lug this big old box back to the ups store!!!!!My dogs love it!

  • nikolay paskal - ... using this now for 5 days my hair feels amazing to touch

    I have been using this now for 5 days my hair feels amazing to touch...I have tried so many different vitmins and such,this is by far the best results in such a short time honestly!!!...I deffinatly recommend this,the taste is honestly not that bad!

  • Jane C Mayer - exactly as ordred

    I was a bit concerned when I ordered this product because there was not explicitly listed number of tea bags, but it came with 8 as I had hoped and was in great condition!