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Robotic Surgery - da Vinci Robotic Surgery - Gynecology Gynecologist - Oncology Oncologist - Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi MD - www.gynla.com - Ramin Mirhashemi, MD | Expertise in GYN surgery including urinary incontinence treatment, pelvic prolapse, surgical management of fibroids, cancer treatment, da Vinci robotic surgery including robotic hysterectomy

  • http://www.gynla.com/expertise/ Gynecology Expertise - Hysterectomy - Pelvic Prolapse Surgery - Uterine Fibroids - Surgery - Abnormal Pap Smears – www.gynla.com - Dr. Mirhashemi and his team is world renown in laparoscopic gynecologic surgery providing the latest technologies in GYN minimally invasive surgery
  • http://www.gynla.com/oncology/ Cervical Cancer | Uterine Cancer | Ovarian Cancer | Vaginal Cancer | Vulvar Cancer | Uterine Sarcoma - Ramin Mirhashemi, MD | Expertise in gynecologic oncology including treatments for cervical cancer endometrial cancer uterine cancer and ovarian cancer
  • http://www.gynla.com/surgery/ da Vinci Robotic Surgery - Robotic Sacrocolpopexy - Robotic Myomectomy - Robotic Hysterectomy - www.gynla.com - Ramin Mirhashemi MD - Expertise in gynecologic surgery including da vinci robotic surgery , robotic sacrocolpopexy robotic myomectomy and robotic hysterectomy
  • http://www.gynla.com/expertise/hernia-treatment.php Hernia Treatment After Abdominal or Vaginal Surgery – Abdominal Hernia – Vaginal Hernia - Dr Ramin Mirhashemi MD – www.gynla.com - Dr. Mirhashemi, a recognized expert in hernia repair, specializes in the most advanced treatment for abdominal hernia and vaginal hernia
  • http://www.gynla.com/expertise/hysterectomy.php Types of Hysterectomy Performed by Gynecologists – robotic hysterectomy - vaginal hysterectomy - subtotal hysterectomy – Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi MD - www.gynla.com - Dr. Mirhashemi has the largest experience in robotic assisted hysterectomy. He has performed over 500 robotic hysterectomy procedures
  • http://www.gynla.com/expertise/laparoscopic-gyn.php Laparoscopic Surgery is a Form of Minimally Invasive Surgery - Laparoscopic Gynecologic sSurgery – Hysterectomy – Removal of Fibroids - Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi MD – www.gynla.com - Dr. Mirhashemi is world renown in laparoscopic gynecologic surgery, providing the latest technologies in minimally invasive surgery
  • http://www.gynla.com/expertise/abnormal-pap-smears.php Abnormal Pap Smears Management - Common Questions - Pre-Cancerous Cells – What is HPV - Venereal Disease - www.gynla.com - Frequently asked questions about abnormal pap smears and HPV answered by board certified OB/GYN surgeon
  • http://www.gynla.com/expertise/pelvic-prolapse-treatment.php Pelvic Prolapse Treatment in Women – Surgery for Pelvic Prolapse – Urogynecology - Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi MD – www.gynla.com - Board certified OB/GYN surgeon Dr. Mirhashemi is trained in the field of urogynecology
  • http://www.gynla.com/expertise/urinary-incontinence.php Female Urinary Incontinence Treatment - Stress Incontinence Treatment - Urge Incontinence – Overactive Bladder - Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi MD – www.gynla.com - Board certified OB/GYN surgeon Dr. Mirhashemi discusses female urinary insentience symptoms and treatments
  • http://www.gynla.com/expertise/uterine-fibroids.php Uterine Fibroids Treatment – Treatment Fibroid – da Vinci Robotic Myomectomy - Fibroids Myomectomy – da Vinci robotic Hysterectomy – Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi MD – www.gynla.com - Leading OB/GYN surgeon Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi discusses treatment alternatives for uterine fibroid tumors
  • http://www.gynla.com/expertise/uterine-fibroids-surgery.php Uterine Fibroids Surgery – Fibroids Removal Myomectomy – Uterus Removal Hysterectomy - Uterine Artery Embolization UFE - Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi MD – www.gynla.com - fibroid, fibroids, surgery, uterine, uterus, myomectomy, robotic, uterine fibroid, uterine fibroids, laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive, fibroid tumors, fibroid tumor treatment, fibroid surgery, fibroids treatment
  • http://www.gynla.com/oncology/cervical-cancer.php Cervical Cancer Treatment | Da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy | Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy - Minimally invasive cervical cancer treatment - faster recovery time, less pain and faster return to normal function.
  • http://www.gynla.com/oncology/endometrial-uterine-cancer.php Minimally invasive uterine cancer treatment - less pain and scarring, faster recovery. - Dr. Mirhashemi specializes in minimally invasive treatment for uterine endometrial cancer | da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy
  • http://www.gynla.com/oncology/hormonal-replacement-therapy.php Hormonal Replacement Therapy – HRT – Cancer Risk and HRT – Why Progestin is Needed - Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi MD – www.gynla.com - Frequently asked questions about hormone replacement therapy answered by board certified OB/GYN surgeon
  • http://www.gynla.com/oncology/ovarian-cancer.php Ovarian Cancer Treatment - Ovarian Cancer Screening Tests and Surgery - Dr. Mirhashemi - Leading OB/GYN surgeon Dr. Mirhashemi discusses diagnosis and treatment alternatives for ovarian cancer

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  • M. Maine - Glad I took time to read Amazon reviews

    I had read reviews on several different sites but knew I wanted to order from Amazon if it was available. (I do LOVE Amazon) After reading all the reviews on Amazon I will find another way to deal with my wrinkles. I'm never comfortable ordering from a company that insists on auto ship to order and then you can cancel later. I did do this with Sheer Cover but I knew someone who used Sheer Cover and after a lot of research found them to be a reliable company. To everyone who has written a review on Amazon for anything I want to say thank you. People really do read this stuff.

  • Antonio - Comfortable

    It is a good product, just miss the back limit, easy to install and the texture is similar, but not identical.

  • Ben Grogan - Truly amazing!

    Endurance is a true story about an explorer named Ernest Shackleton who tried to cross Antarctica. While traveling to Antarctica, his ship got trapped in ice. He was stuck on the ice with his crew for months until his ship, the Endurance, was abandoned. They then lived on the ice until they attempted to escape back to civilization. They hiked across miles of ice and sailed in life boats to Deception Island. Shackleton sailed to an Island nearly 500 miles away, then crossed the islands uncharted interior by foot. Finally he stumbled into the whaling station with his two companions and sent a relief ship to the rest of his crew on Deception Island.

  • Paul S - ACT! is a scam

    I've recently joined a company that uses ACT!. Users are spread across the country and have different versions of ACT! I wanted to create a folder where I could receive backups of all the users ACT! databases. When I try to open a database, I get "this backup was created on a newer version of ACT! Please upgrade your ACT! software". Okay, fair enough...seems strange that I can't open backups between different versions of ACT! (the software we have is only 2 years apart). So instead of upgrading everyone in the company to the same version, I decided to just research a different CRM system. We really only use the contacts, companies, and notes features anyway. I found out that ACT! essentially makes it impossible to leave their software...or at least impossible without spending more money. You can't export notes from ACT! Our notes have a lot of important information and there's no way to simply export them from the program. Of course, they offer "add-ons" that you can buy which will magically allow you to do this. The ACT! software is basically just a vehicle used to offer upgrades, add-ons, and tech support which they always charge for. ACT! is a scam. Try using something like Future Simple BASE, or Less Annoying CRM. I can't wait to ditch this terrible software.

  • eGrumps - Good product at the right price

    This is one great product (actually it is two products in a twin pack). Well made, and easy to operate. Light range and coverage in lantern mode is very good. Cost is minimal.

  • JWLang2 - You Get What You Pay For

    I bought this install kit for a 1999 Ford Explorer. The kit does what it is intended however, it is cheaply made. The kit does not properly secure the radio in the console location and has a tendency to slip out of place on high acceleration. A fix for this is to super-glue the bracket to the console, (at least where the prongs are supposed to hold the bracket to the console). Just an FYI.

  • Chasie - Nice Planner

    I really like this planner. It's made very nice and the picture you color inside are pretty. It is week by week and provides plenty of space to write in. The size is bigger then I expected wish I could have gotten one a little smaller but other then that I really like it.