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Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria | Surprise | Sun City West | Sun City - At Happy Ears Hearing Center, our audiologists specialize in difficult hearing aid fittings, cochlear implants, Bone anchored hearing aids and hearing rehabilitation.

  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/contact-us/ Contact An Audiologist | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - Our mission is to provide the highest quality hearing healthcare to each patient we see with hearing loss. We value better hearing, evaluate and treat difficult to fit hearing loss, and provide rehabilitation to those we serve. We strive to stay current with the newest hearing technology on the market, in order to offer our patients the best treatment options for their individual needs. Our audiologist guarantees better hearing, and through better hearing, happier living.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/about/ Happy Ears Hearing Center: Hearing Aids | Surprise AZ - Happy Ears Hearing Center is an upscale audiology private practice serving Peoria, Sun City, Sun City West, Surprise, Glendale and Northwest Phoenix, Arizona. Our hearing aid fittings are always accurate.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/about/a-message-from-dr-shanna/ Surprise AZ | Audiologist and Hearing Aids | Happy Ears Hearing Center - Dr. Shanna MortensenDewsnup is licensed in Arizona as a Doctor of Audiology and Dispensing Audiologist. Dr. Mortensen-Dewsnup has a passion for helping individuals of all ages with hearing loss and tinnitus. She has over 15 years of experience with hearing loss, and has a teenage son who has worn hearing aids since birth.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/about/our-team/ Happy Ears Hearing Center: Audiologist | Surprise, AZ | Peoria, AZ - Our Audiologists are experts in treating all types of non-surgical and surgical hearing disorders. Our Audiologists are experts in hearing aids, cochlear implants, and bone anchored hearing devices.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/about/otolaryngologists/ Otolaryngology | Surprise, AZ | Happy Ears Hearing Center - Happy Ears Hearing Center is proud to affiliate our practice with Dr. John Macias, one of the top Otolaryngologists in Arizona, in order to provide Cochlear Implant, BAHA and hearing aid services to the entire West Valley.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/about/staff/ Hearing Aids, Audiology | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - Happy Ears Hearing Center provides audiology services and exceptional patient care. We work with all of the hearing aid manufacturers to give you options for the best hearing. Your ears deserve to be happy!
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/about/our-mission/ Hearing Aids and Audiology Services | Sun City West | Happy Ears Hearing Center - Happy Ears Hearing Center only employs doctors of audiology who are experts in hearing aid technology and hearing healthcare. Contact us today if your hearing aids are not helping. Your ears deserve to be happy!
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/about/audiologists-vs-hearing-instrument-specialists/ Happy Ears Hearing Center: Audiologist and Hearing Aids | Surprise AZ - Know the Difference! Audiologists are doctorate level clinicians trained in hearing loss and hearing aid technology. Hearing instrument specialists are not required to have any education in hearing loss to obtain a license to sell hearing aids.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/our-services/ Audiology Services | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - Happy Ears Hearing Center provides thorough diagnostic hearing services and exceptional patient care.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/our-services/worry-free-guarantee/ 75 Day Trial Period | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Sun City AZ - At Happy Ears Hearing Center we understand that purchasing a hearing device is a big and costly decision.To help make your decision easier, we only offer services performed by a licensed doctor of audiology, and we offer a worry free 75 day trial period.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/our-services/hearing-aid-repairs/ Hearing Aid Repair | Happy Ears Hearing Center - Offering hearing aid repairs for all of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, regardless if you purchased your hearing aids with our office.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/our-services/vertigo-and-balance-therapy/ Vertigo |Happy Ears Hearing Center| Sun City AZ | Peoria AZ - Contact Happy Ears Hearing Center for an appointment if you experience vertigo.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/our-services/pediatric-audiology/ Pediatric Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Sun City AZ | Peoria AZ | Glendale AZ - Even mild hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to speak and understand language, as well as impact behavioral development.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/ What Is Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - In order to understand how hearing loss occurs, and what the diagnosis means, it is important to have a basic understanding of how the ear functionsThe auditory system (hearing system) is generally broken into three parts; the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. The outer ear includes everything from the ear outside the head to the eardrum. The middle ear describes the space and structures from the eardrum to the cochlea (the snail shell structure inside the skull), and the inner ear describes the cochlea with all the structures inside it and the hearing nerve that carries sound to the brain.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/symptoms/ Hearing Loss Symptoms | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - Symptoms include muffled hearing, trouble hearing in groups, Difficulty understanding what people are saying, especially in background noise,Fail to hear someone talking from behind you, Listening to the television or radio at a higher volume than in the past, Have difficulty on the phone, Have trouble hearing your alarm clock, Have difficulty hearing at the movies, Frequent requests for repetition, clarification, or to speak slowly, Tendency to need to stare at people when they are talking in order to make it easier to understand what they are saying, Fatigue at the end of the day from straining to hear, Avoidance of social situations because of difficulty following conversations in noisy environments, Tendency to bluff when not hearing someone because of the fear of asking them to repeat themselves, Trouble hearing consonants, Dread going to noisy parties and restaurants
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/treatment-and-conditions/ Hearing Loss Treatment | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - Happy Ears Hearing Center offers a variety of treatment options for hearing loss from a licensed audiologist.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/types-of-hearing-loss/ Types of Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Audiologist | Peoria, Sun City, Glendale, Surprise, Northwest Phoenix, Arizona - Happy Ears Hearing Center performs thorough diagnostic hearing evaluations in our state of the art facility.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/degrees-of-hearing-loss/ Understand Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - The degree of hearing loss refers to the severity of the hearing loss. Some people classify hearing loss as a percentage, which is not accurate. An individual cannot have 50% hearing loss or 70% hearing loss, because hearing loss can be different across frequency ranges. Classifying hearing loss on a percentage basis is an inaccurate way to label hearing loss and makes it difficult for the person with hearing loss to understand their audiogram.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/degrees-of-hearing-loss/mild-hearing-loss/ Understand Mild Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - People with mild hearing loss have difficulty hearing soft consonant sounds making words seem incomplete. Noisy environments make hearing more challenging. Visit Happy Ears Hearing Center today to find out if you have a hearing loss.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/degrees-of-hearing-loss/moderate-hearing-loss/ Understand Moderate Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - People who suffer from moderate hearing loss usually have difficulty following conversations if they do not use hearing aids.Without amplification the ability to understand conversational speech at a distance more than 3 to 5 feet is very limited. Visit Happy Ears Hearing Center today to find out if you have a hearing loss.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/degrees-of-hearing-loss/severe-hearing-loss/ Understand Severe Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - People who suffer from severe hearing loss, following a conversation without a hearing aid is nearly impossible. Visit Happy Ears Hearing Center today to find out if you have a hearing loss.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/degrees-of-hearing-loss/profound-hearing-loss/ Understand Profound Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - Individuals with profound hearing loss cannot hear other people speaking unless they are extremely loud. Visit Happy Ears Hearing Center today to find out if you have a hearing loss.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/pediatric-hearing-loss/ Pediatric Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Audiologist - Happy Ears Hearing Center provides the highest quality hearing healthcare in the Valley. Our top audiologist treats children and adults with hearing loss and offers exceptional patient care.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/hearing-loss-and-dementia/ Happy Ears Hearing Center | Hearing Loss and Dementia | Audiologist | Peoria, Sun City, Glendale, Surprise, Northwest Phoenix, Arizona - The structures responsible for sound and speech are affected in those with hearing loss because that region of the brain could become atrophied from lack of stimulation.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/untreated-hearing-loss/ Risks Of Untreated Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - Untreated hearing loss has serious emotional and social consequences for older persons, according to a major new study by The National Council on the Aging (NCOA). The study was conducted by the Seniors Research Group, an alliance between NCOA and Market Strategies, Inc.
  • http://www.happyearshearing.com/hearing-loss/coping-and-support/ You Can Live With Hearing Loss | Happy Ears Hearing Center | Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, Sun City AZ - You Do Not Have to Face Hearing Loss AloneCall Happy Ears Hearing Center to find out when our next local support group meets.

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  • Average Consumer 123 - Unacceptable

    I purchased this book to see if I could take my toilet seat business international. After several showings on the "Shark Tank", Kevin O'Leary decided to sue me for getting festering splinters in his tuchas. I just don't understand it. I waxed, sanded, and polished every single one of my seats, and yet the wood grain took a disliking to his paisley buttocks. Distraught, and flabbergasted, I stormed off the set. In a fit of rage I cracked the seat in half....unknowingly creating the best invention known to man, the "halfassed seat"...Not only does it look aerodynamic, but it surprisingly cures constipation. Now, I'm no doctor, or businessman, or professional, or lawyer but this has got to be a hot commodity overseas, so I decided to sell it to the Chinese (after all, they've given us so many quality products over the years and I need to return the favor). I bought this book to see what my chances were for selling such an item...Going on the advice of what's in the book, I made the leap to sell the "halfassed" toilet seat in China. Kevin O'Leary saw what a marketable product I had, recommended that I install a clock radio, and USB charging port, and offered me $1000 for 100% of the company. Unfortunately we made this deal when I was drunk and I kept staring at his shiny head, like a deer in headlights. Now, shamed by the opportunity I missed, I work as a Wall street banker selling stocks and bonds, and IPhones on the side. I dream of the glorious life opportunity I could have had with my toilet seat.

  • chrissy - finally, a fun work out!

    this game is awesome for people who want a more fun work out, whether they are beginners or experienced fitness experts! I have always found it hard to stay motivated when i work out, but this game keeps me motivated and makes me excited to work out! I absolutely LOVE that you get to punch away the calories at the end of an activity, it counts the calories you burn and tracks them overtime as well. How's that for motivation? I read someone else's review saying that it is hard because it provides no instructions on how to dance or whatever, but for me it has been really easy to pick up the steps, and i have no coordination AT ALL (i also have scoliosis and asthma, but still manage to complete the activities easily as long as a I pace myself). They repeat the steps several times so you can get the hang of it. and even if you feel like a fool doing the bollywood dances, you will still get a workout!!!

  • The Saeko - Disappointment from HTC 10 buyer

    I have a new HTC 10. I wanted an extra charger to have at work. This charger here when I got it I plugged it in right away since I had 10% battery life...20 minutes later I checked on it and my phone was at 11%! And the alert telling me it had a slow charge and to use the charger it came with...bs. I bought this charger because it claimed to dish out good 3 amps... disappointed

  • Sean - It covers a good area doesn't put off much heat and to me ...

    Wish it was larger but that's my fault for not looking at the size . It covers a good area doesn't put off much heat and to me works as good as a 1000 watt.

  • Annstar49 - Love this carseat

    Love this carseat. We have a Diono Radian RXT for our son, and I mostly love it, but was looking for something with an easier/faster install but same safety. Especially for ERF I wanted something that was easy to put baby in and take her out. This car seat is a dream! We love it. It's heavy, but no more than my Diono- but what I really love is how clean it is. I always bust my hands up on car seats during install or moving them- not this one! Every thing is tucked away nicely and there aren't any extra straps hanging around. The plastic out coverings are rounded, which means no scraped fingers or hands. Love that the seats lifts out for easy access to the belt path during install. I can switch it back and forth between cars in record time, with a great install every time. Quick and easy. No rethread harness, but that's not a big deal for us. Especially with how easy it is to do. Tightening the straps RF is simple- my only complaint is the latch to loosen the straps is tucked back pretty far under the seat. I have long fingers and it's still a stretch. Also when baby has on a tank top and her shoulders are exposed, sometimes her skin gets pinched when I tighten the straps (between the strap and the small shoulder cover). This wasn't an issue in her infant seat, but she's pretty chunky, so maybe it could be an issue in another seat?? I'm not certain, but we just take care when fastening her. Overall I adore this seat. Baby girl seems to love it too. She's a larger baby (23lbs at 9 months) but she has plenty of room to grow in it. Our 3 yr old gave it a test drive when we first got it and he was ready to have it for himself. It's easy to install and consistently has a correct fit in the car and on the child.

  • Robotron5000 - Only the red light works and it's none too impressive

    I was really excited to try this light out, and was majorly disappointed to plug it in and see only red lights working. The red lights kind of flicker as they move slowly across the room, but they pattern and colors do not change at all with music, just the same slow moving red lights. Not really pleasant to look at, would not have purchased if it was just one color. I purchased this product at a discounted rate in order to provide an honest review, but even with a discount I'm having buyers remorse.

  • Rebecca H. - Quicken 2013 Rental Property Manager

    I cannot say how well this program works as I was not able to use it. I purchased the program at Staples. When trying to install on my home computer I was prompted to delete my old Quicken program, which is Quicken Deluxe. I use Quicken Deluxe for my personal finances. I purchased Quicken Rental Property Manager to use for properties I co-own in a family business. It will not allow two different Quicken products to run on one PC. After two hours on the phone with Quicken in India the service technician (who, BTW, was actually quite good and polite) said if I wanted to use Quicken RPM I would have to install in on a separate PC. Really? I paid for Quicken Deluxe and I paid for Quicken 2013 RPM. Why can't I use both programs on one PC? To add insult to injury, Staples refused to let me return the item (just hours after purchasing it), and said I would have to contact Quicken directly for my refund, and that the refund would come in the form of a gift card. What kind of restrictions will be on the gift card? The box RPM came in says a 60 day money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied and a refund of the full purchase price. It looks like I will just have to dispute this on my American Express card. Note to the wise: If you decide to purchase a Quicken product, use your credit card so you have some leverage.