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  • J. Johnston - Why mash em by hand?

    I normally can't stand instant mash potatoes, but these are the best. My wife is even a potato snob, and she thinks these are great as well. Creamy, easy to make, full flavor with no funny processed taste. I've even made them low-cal with just water, and while not as good as the version with milk, still outstanding. Get them!

  • Bernadette Baker - Save your money!!!

    I used them 3x at $25.00 each!!! They did not work at all for me! You pretty much have to drink water around the clock, which I did. But each time I still got sick and so dehydrated!!! Total waste of money!!

  • wade2u - Interesting mating

    This is an alien mating story. This mating was interesting because a human and alien experienced the same thing. The Knowing is what it is called. These two had different reactions since one knew what was happening and the other didn't. It was nice to read how they handled the difficulties and still came together with their feelings. Well worth reading.

  • StavKav - Gooooaaaal!!

    Great game to hold you over until the next World Cup in 2018! Gameplay is simple and graphics are good.

  • C. Jude - ... have all of the albums that contributed to this best of effort

    Although I have all of the albums that contributed to this best of effort, this is truly a best of--and not meerly a greatest hits album. Nothing new, but every song is raised to a new level thanks to the quality of all the great songs around it. Plus i can now make room for the new album on my iPod. well worth it even if you do own the originals.