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Wellness and holistic medicine from an integrative family doctor in Princeton, NJ. - Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center - providing holistic health care, integrative medicine, nutrition and lifestyle support for women, children, and families.

  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/health-hub.html Health Hub login page for Healing Oceans - Health hub, health ehub, electronic medical record, electronic health record, login
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/doctor-holistic-medicine.html As a doctor of holistic medicine, Deborah Ginsburg MD is certified in Family Medicine and Holistic/Integrative Medicine - A doctor of holistic medicine needs an understanding of both conventional and alternative medicine, as well as the ability to integrate it all.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/holistic-nutritionist.html Holistic Nutritionist, Montgomery NJ, with holistic doctor. - Our holistic nutritionist works with holistic physician Dr. Deborah Ginsburg.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/local-events.html Local events for the Princeton holistic health community. - Local events for the Princeton holistic health community - with a healthy, organic, twist.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/hours.html Healing Oceans hours of operation and emergency visit availability Center - A summary of hours of operation and availability of emergency visits for Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/cancellations-and-missed-appointments.html Cancellations and Missed Appointments - Missed appointments with the doctor and late cancellations may cost you a fee. Details are here
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/prescription-refill-policy.html Prescription Refill Policy - Our prescription refill policy is different from most other practices. Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/directions.html Directions to Healing Oceans - Directions to Dr. Ginsburg and Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center in Plainsboro, NJ
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/passport-registration.html Healing Oceans Passport registration page - Create a login to the Elation Passport for Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/healing-oceans-newsletter.html The Healing Oceans Newsletter - The Healing Oceans Newsletter - A monthly email newsletter with useful information from Dr. Ginsburg on living the vital and healthy life.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/family-doctor.html Family Doctor - What is it? - A Family Doctor is unique in American medicine. They are the doctors of the big picture, trained to see the whole patient.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/innovative-medical-practice.html Innovative Medical Practice is actually our version of an IMP - Our innovative medical practice is actually just following the model of the Ideal Medical Practice (IMP), priortizing care for the patient.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/volition-wellness.html Volition Wellness and Healing Oceans are co-locating - Volition Wellness Solutions and Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center now share the same office.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/how-to-submit-to-insurance.html How to submit to insurance for reimbursement - How to submit to insurance for reimbursement after visiting Healing Oceans (out-of-network insurance coverage).
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/non-covered-tests.html Non-covered tests and insurance reimbursement - Non-covered tests: why your insurance plan may not pay for important medical tests
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/out-of-network.html Why we are "out of network" for insurance plans - Letter on withdrawing from health insurance networks from Dr. Ginsburg to her patients
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/preconception-counseling.html Preconception Counseling - • Preconception counseling with Dr. Ginsburg prepares you holistically for pregnancy’s big choices: birthing style, diet, vitamins, drugs, exercise, underlying issues, and parenting preparation.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/natural-pregnancy.html Natural Pregnancy and Holistic Prenatal Care - from a holistic Family Doctor - Natural pregnancy and prenatal care guides you into the ease and benefits of natural child birth. By a holistic Family Doctor.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/choosing-birth-doctor.html Choosing Birth Doctor or Midwife - Choosing birth doctor: get help with this list of questions for the interview. From a holistic Family Doctor

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  • Billie mikus - .did not have the answers or rationals for the test

    This book needs the answers and rationals so you can know if your on the right track or not, so when you go to take the test

  • Tom S. - Ahhh! Relief

    I've had sinus problems since as long as I can remember. A deviated septum operation helped a little but not enough. I've sprayed this and swallowed that but it always came back to a sinus headache and a feeling like my head was under water. I happened on an ad for the Navage device and I said, "What the hell, I might as well give it a try." I'm so glad I did. It seems to work on the same idea as the Neti pot I had previously tried but that was just too messy. This is self-contained and it is easy cleanup. Although the manufacturer recommends two uses a day I'm getting great relief just doing it just once a day. It's so nice not to feel that pressure under my eyes anymore. Hopefully Navage will continue to work its magic over time.

  • Misty W - This stuff works!

    I had a cat with a recurring UTI and had some accidents. This stuff worked GREAT! I did have to apply twice and fully saturate the area and once the product was COMPLETELY dry the smell was COMPLETELY gone. I am ordering more! A great staple to have around the house if you have pets or kids. I did use this on older hard wood floors with gaps, so that is why I think I had to do 2 applications.

  • Jennifer Schupp - So soft!!

    Eeeeeeek! I was so excited to get this makeup brush! I have never used one or even seen one in person! Oh my gosh, it is so so soft! It blends my makeup really well and gives me that airbrushed look! I love it! But then again I have loved every Lagure product that I have tried! This product came nicely packaged and it came in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Jason Scott Eiker-wiles - Don't Become Emotionally Involved

    I now hear in 5 dimensions. A 4th spatial dimension, plus the ever-elusive-whilst-at-the-same-time-painstakingly-present dimension of Time. Pretty nifty. Of course, one must use some wisdom in wielding such power, but really, how many of us who actually have $7,000 to bandy about are anything less than obesely wise?! Due to this sort of quaternion relation in audial space, the ear is accosted by a slew of new soundscapes, not just new individual sounds, whole new sets of sounds. Consider them the "imaginary" sounds, if you will. The square root of the negative D-flat scale and such. It'll all make sense after a few listens (which of course will be oblivious to and/or in control of Time). The only sound complaint I could even dream to lodge would be that songs which feature anti-derivative functions (mostly fugues) in the bass clef have a tendency to drown out the higher, more individualistic voices which make up the treble melodies. But just a little, you can hardly even notice.