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  • Memo - It erased severe tooth ache pain from an absess!

    I am a skeptic but after 3 days of severe tooth ache pain (caused by a quack dentist making a hole in my tooth by mistake) I was ready to yank the tooth out myself. The pain was so severe i was literally up for 48 hours and was using Vicoden and antibiotics neither of which did a thing to help. In desparation I tried Oil Pulling and to my absolut SHOCK- It worked. I kid you not but with a half hour the pain was gone! I have been doing it twice a day now for two days and as soon as I do the pain is gone for 12 hours or more. I have a root canal scheduled for a week from now and I am going to make it through! Thank you SO MUCH!

  • ANDY - it really helped

    I have been taking this product as a supplement for about a month now and my results are actually quite surprising. I have dealt with anxiety and was on various medications that seemed to work but also seemed to tone down all of my feelings to the point where I felt apathetic about everything. I decided to try to find a new way to manage my stress and anxiety and get off of the medications I was taking. For starters, I only had occasional anxiety when it came to new situations, or big exams. My anxiety was manageable without medication but it was difficult at times. I also suffered from anxiety induced insomnia which I have struggled with for about half a year. I decided to try to take a more natural approach. I started by taking one of these pills in the morning and one in the evening. I didn't notice huge changes at first except for my sleeping habits. I noticed that I was falling asleep faster and waking up less groggy in the morning that I typically did when taking other medication. After about a month I noticed that I was less stressed and didn't feel apathetic at all. I feel like I have reset my brain and am finally able to be myself again. I would say that if you suffer from mild anxiety like me that these pills are worth a shot. They might not work for everyone but they worked for me.