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  • Trudi - Book 3

    Somehow I missed book 3 but luckily I had joined the Author's mailing list and when he requested if I had enjoyed book 3 to review it I realized I hadn't read it I immediately went to my kindle unlimited to download. What with all the books I read I was surprised it didn't take but a minute to remember where we had last seen our intrepid characters. OK so they are not ready intrepid, they are often frightened and scared but they do their job anyway which to me is a real hero. Our group has been vastly depleted with the fighting but lumbers on doing their duty. A turn or two you would not likely expect. I thought this would be the end but there is a book 4 too, where will we go from here?

  • Karen Lewis - Rip off

    I was halfway through San Francisco, was asked to update and now have lost all my progression. Not to mention all the in app money I spent. Loved the game until now! Will not be playing any longer. Please fix!

  • Opus Bogum - Boost w/4" screen.

    This phone is locked to Boost. It does EVERYTHING. It was purchased from Amazon. The phone had to be reset several times after activating the TalkBack program. That was a major hassle and I couldn't do it myself. I had to have Mom do it.

  • Camber - A Solid Resource

    I'm not planning to take the MCAT, but I have a strong personal interest in biomedicine, and I've found MCAT review books to be good resources to review the general science one should know as a foundation for specialized biomedical study. Among these books, this Kaplan book is one of my favorites, so I recommend it to both general readers and people preparing for the MCAT. The content is fairly comprehensive, the writing is clear, and the color graphics are effective. The tear-out study sheets at the end of the book are also very handy for a quick and condensed "high yield" review of key points.

  • Anonymous - very happy with it

    Works as it should, I hope the battery will last, it's can sometimes be an issue with these low cost models.