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  • wheelman - Great game for new and old fans

    The king is back. Great game for new and old fans. I like the responsiveness of the gameplay, it play's great on playstation 3. I also like how the game has a customize and edit feature. The game also let's you import your music into the game. New fans looking to get into the series, should start here. There are many difficulty settings from beginner to expect. Plus, PES 2015 cost cheaper on previous consoles, $40.

  • Happy Wife - Game.Changer.

    Wives, get the book. Husbands, get the book. This changed my marriage overnight. I am blown away. It clicked immediately for my husband, and I am so thankful. And SO DAMN happy. This author has cracked the code.

  • JD Styles - My nose and eyelid are healing up pretty good and I like the way the soap cleans

    I bought this for the dermatitis on my face. I always try to leave the lather on my face for at least 60 Mississippi seconds, which makes a BIG difference. My nose and eyelid are healing up pretty good and I like the way the soap cleans.