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  • Jimmy Jim - Works Great.

    Worked great. Stopped a medium sized leak on a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. Very satisfied with product. Would definitely recommend.

  • Just a regular guy - Works for me

    Used for about two years. Seems to work for me. I could just be lucky and my hair loss would have slowed down anyway. However over the past two years my hair loss has bee minimal. I don't use any drugs for my hair.

  • Missy S. - Edward Klein is a skilled writer and really gets to the heart of the deceit and dishonesty in this book...

    I received this book the day it came out (bought it on pre-order). The book was an absolute page turner. I had been doing my research about Hillary and all of her scandals so there was little that was new information to me. However, the scandals she is involved in were laid out in a very clear way so that the reader is left without a doubt of her involvement. In addition, it was made very clear of the White House's involvement in all of her shenanigans. After reading this book, the takeaway for me, as the reader, was that there is no democracy in politics. There is no transparency in politics. And finally, there is no truth in politics. The book left me feeling that no matter what the popular vote is in the United States, the election has been bought and paid for by Hillary and her band of liberal cronies. While I already felt that way before this book, it was nice to have my feeling validated after this book.

  • J Gena - Love my Ray Bans

    This is my frist purchase with Amzon. I ended up having to call Amzon for some help..they were wonderful!! The glasses were exactly as orerded.I would highly recommend.I ended up saving sixty dollars. Thanks

  • D-mom - Not my cup of tea

    The story was rushed, there was not enough depth to really get to know the characters and not enough background to pull the story together. Some of it was comically far fetched (I know, I know, it's a fantasy story but seriously, a secret island where it's nighttime constantly with slaves and massive treetop modernized penthouses???)