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Veterinarian in Springfield Mo- Hometown Veterinary Hospital - As a Springfield Animal Hospital, we offer a full range of services, including labs, surgery, dental and vaccines and boarding for dogs and cats in Southwest Missouri.

  • http://www.htvet.com/month/ Pet Months-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Each month our Springfield, MO veterinarians focus on different aspects of pet ownership and care with helpful articles.
  • http://www.htvet.com/month/april/ Heartworm Prevention -Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Our veterinary clinic, Springfield, MO, can test your pets for this sometimes fatal disease.
  • http://www.htvet.com/month/may/ Lyme Disease - Hometown Veterinary Hospital- Springfield, MO - Dogs and cats contract Lyme Disease from ticks. Visit our Hometown Springfield Veterinarian for help.
  • http://www.htvet.com/month/june-thunderstorm-season/ Pet Anxiety Advice --Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Springfield, MO - Loud noises trigger anxiety in some dogs. Our local veterinarians Springfield MO can help you and your dog with this problem.
  • http://www.htvet.com/month/walk-your-dog-and-obesity-awareness-month/ Overweight Dogs - Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Fat dogs suffer health issues.Our Springfield Veterinary hospital can help your dog maintain a healthy weight.
  • http://www.htvet.com/month/nov-pet-cancer-awareness-month/ Pet Cancer Awareness-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Know the signs of cancer in dogs or cats. Specialists at our Springfield veterinary hospital can show you the signs.
  • http://www.htvet.com/month/february-lost-pet-prevention-month/ Pet Dental Health- Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - We are Springfield veterinarians who care about your pets' dental health.Call us today for the sweetest dog breath in town!
  • http://www.htvet.com/about/ About Dr. Kara Amstutz and Hometown Vet - Springfield, MO - See Dr Kara Amstutz and our veterinarians Springfield,MO for complete medical care: includes dog neuter and dog spay, cat neuter, cat surgery, dog surgery.
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/ Pet Services - Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Let us be your veterinarian in Springfield, MO. for cat neuter, spay, surgery, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, and dog neuter, spay, surgery, teeth cleaning, vaccinations.
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/pet-wellness-care/ Pet Wellness - Hometown Veterinary Hospital- Springfield MO - Our animal care center in Springfield, MO cares for well pets and sick pets. Call for an appointment: (417) 883-7297
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/pet-wellness-care/autumn-health-risks-dogs/ Autumn Health Risks-Dogs-Hometown Veterinary Hospital- Springfield MO - The Springfield veterinarians at Hometown Veterinary Hospital share Autumn Health Risks for Dogs. Our Springfield Animal Clinic often sees sick dogs in fall.
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/veterinary-diagnostics/ Labs and Diagnostics- Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - At our Springfield Animal Clinic we diagnose pets: physical exams, lab tests, digital radiographs.Call for an appointment: (417) 883-7297
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/your-pets-surgery/ Pet Surgery-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Our Springfield veterinary performs pet surgery for dogs and cats. Call to make an appointment.
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/dental-health/ Pet Dental Health - Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Your dog or cat's teeth tell a lot about his general health;come to our Springfield, MO animal care center for the best pet dental care.
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/senior-care/ Senior Pet Health - Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Springfield MO - Senior dogs and cats have special needs and health issues of aging; we provide senior pet care for Springfield, MO.
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/pain-management/ Pet Pain Management - Hometown Veterinary Hospital -Springfield MO - Our veterinarians, Springfield MO help manage pet pain with medications and diet.
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/itchy-skin/ Dog Itchy Skin- Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Your dog or cat has itchy skin? Our Springfield vet center can help you identify cause and cure of itching.
  • http://www.htvet.com/services/specialties/ Specialties- Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - We offer a complete menu of pet care options at our Springfield vet location.
  • http://www.htvet.com/common-pet-questions/ Common Pet Questions -Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - These are some of the most common questions clients ask when visiting our Springfield vet clinic.
  • http://www.htvet.com/common-pet-questions/itchy-ears-skin/ Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Pet Has Itchy Ears? - What seems like ear mites might be an infection. Let Springfield vet Kara Amstutz help your pet feel better fast.
  • http://www.htvet.com/common-pet-questions/itchy-ears-skin/does-my-pet-have-ear-mites/ Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Pet Has Ear MItes? - Maybe it's ear mites or maybe it's an an infection. Let us do a thorough ear exam to be sure.
  • http://www.htvet.com/common-pet-questions/fleas/ Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Ticks and Fleas - Ticks and Fleas are a nasty problem all year round; our Springfield vet center can help your pet with medications.
  • http://www.htvet.com/common-pet-questions/fleas/tick-paralysis/ Tick Paralysis-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Tick paralysis is a nasty and unnecessary problem in dogs. Our pet doctors hospital in Springfield Mo can help your pet avoid ticks or help him heal .
  • http://www.htvet.com/common-pet-questions/fleas/when-start-tick-prevention/ Tick Prevention-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Don't wait for spring ! Our Springfield veterinary clinic can help you start medicating your dog now to avoid ticks and their diseases.
  • http://www.htvet.com/common-pet-questions/fleas/fleas-cats-and-dogs/ Prevent Fleas - Hometown Veterinary Hospital, Springfield, MO - Hometown Veterinary Hospital offers Springfield animal hospital clients advice on preventing and ending flea infestations.
  • http://www.htvet.com/common-pet-questions/anal-glands/ Anal Gland Problems-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - If your dog is dragging his bottom along the carpet, our animal care center can help him feel better fast.
  • http://www.htvet.com/common-pet-questions/lumps-bumps/ Diagnosing Lumps on Your Dog - Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Our Springfield Veterinary Clinic specialists can diagnose lumps and bumps on your dog and get him healthy and comfortable again.

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    My daughter saw one of these in a horror movie and wanted to try it. What could go wrong? I did a little reading and sent her a link with some important dos and don'ts. Not that I really believe in talking to the dead via a checkerboard, but I thought we should follow some guidelines just in case. She promised me she read the article. She is 15, so I probably shouldn't trust her to read anything not on social media. The first thing she did was to put the planchette on the board and say, "'Sup bitches?!?" Then she left the board unattended, dropped the planchette on the floor, and basically did all the other things listed in the "don't" section of the rules. She is now levitating and speaking in tongues. Pretty sure I'll never make it out of my house alive, or at least sane. Buy at your own risk, especially if you have a 15 year old daughter.

  • e dizzle - Works

    Works fine initially but the inner electronics deteriorate after a few months, good stuff for such a cheap price, of course audio performance is no where near more expensive MP3 players or iPods levels...

  • heather victoria - I don't dislike the product but I'm not really seeing any change ...

    I don't dislike the product but I'm not really seeing any change in my milk production so I'm a little disappointed to pay $40+ for another vitamin/supplement that doesn't work. Oh well, never know until you try... I was really hoping it'd work so I could continue to breastfeed my baby girl. 😔 #workingmomproblems