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  • Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry - A timeless business classic

    "The Goal" is without a doubt one of the most important business books ever written, and everyone who's serious about learning business would do well to read it. I am thinking of asking my business school alma mater for a tuition refund because they did not make it mandatory reading.

  • BramblePie22 - DSC: Wonderful but pricey (If buying "local")

    I have used various Dead Sea products (Milk & Honey scrub, facial peel,cleanser,and moisturizer) they all work very well. The only downside is the price if you are buying them from one of the stands in your local mall. Amazon has the best price on them by far. The price I paid total was 152 dollars and change. That is very steep price $49 per item plus tax. The only saving grace I can see is the fact these products will last a few months even with regular use. In closing to my ramble, DSC is a well made product,just be sure to shop around for the best possible price.

  • sixteenstone - no more public fear

    Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer gave me the confidence to finally eat a banana in public. Gone are the days when men would rain dollars on my face every time I bit into a banana at the park. I hope it works on popsicles, pickles, and hot dogs too. The show is over guys!

  • Edward R. Battig II - Right tool for the job!

    The Dewalt 4 1/2 inch Small angle grinder had the appropriate amount of power needed to do the job I needed it to do. I have used other angle grinders and the Dewalt had a sturdy hold and did not lose power.

  • Yessie Susanto - Good product, but this is more for oily skin type.

    I received this product two days ago, and I have been trying this. This product is great, it does not have a pungent smell like the dead sea mask I used to have, it has a pretty nice smell actually. If you apply a good enough amount on your face, you can feel your skin is tightening once it is dry. This mask gives you a clear and glowing look. It also gives you a smooth feeling, but since dead sea mask often to dry your face, you need to apply a lot of moisturizer after. This is definitely not a daily mask, you can use this maximum once a week, and I think you will have a good result. Overall, it is a nice mask, and for the price and the amount you get, it is pretty fair.