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Indiana Drug Card - Free Statewide Prescription Assistance Program - The Indiana Drug Card program is a FREE statewide Rx assistance program available to all residents.

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  • Denis - Well made, as described.

    Just received case. It appears to be well made, fits snugly, holds 4 cards and the stand is functional. It's a little bulky but meets all the functional uses that I was seeking.

  • areadizant - A miracle!

    One of our two cats, Moz, has an EXTREMELY thick coat. It's medium length, but it seems to multiply with every brush! He's not especially fond of most brushes we use on him, he prefers to bite them instesd of being brushed, but he LOVES this one. The first time I used it, he sat there for 10 full minutes while I brushed handfuls upon handfuls of fur out of his coat... When I went to put it away, he meowed and followed me (clearly very upset with me) and then sat by the cupboard meowing some more so I'd pull it back out. Now I know if I ever need him to be somewhere, I just pull out that brush and he'll be there instantly. Really not exaggerating, he loves it more than anything EVER.

  • Duchess Sophia - Worthless water heater

    Do not buy a Navien tankless waterheater! The units are poorly made, the customer service is laughable. They will advise you to do things to the hearer that will void the warrantee! My plumbers were shocked. I had an old fashoined tanked-system water heater for almost 20 years without a loss of service-ever. I decided to go more green and get a tankless water heater, thinking the technology is not new and had been used in industry for decades and should have the bugs worked out of it. Not so. At least the Navien folks have taken the basic technology of the tankless system and surrounded it with cheap poorly designed components and microprocessor technogy so that it is completely unreliable. Buyer beware!

  • Becky Ponstein - Liam a bookie who is gorgeous, but hard as ...

    Liam a bookie who is gorgeous,but hard as ice, dut deep down has a heart of gold. He just doesn't let anyone know. Elizabeth is determined not to rely on anyone for anything. The death of Elizabeth's to father brings her home from school and finds Liam has been given everything. They jave never met and are both grieving the loss, but she is angry and doesn't want anything to do with him. He wants her and will do everything for her to give him a chance.

  • bjorn damsgaard - A pleasure to read

    A very useful book for math-teachers, both for the youngest and the mature students. The discussions about "why? and what for?" can be lifted above the usual level where "like and like not" own the arena. Also interesting for philosophical oriented teachers with

  • Jzoom - Slow load and is not user friendly.

    Too slow for a quick workout. Extras are fun but do not have explanations. Have others years too, hoping for improvements each year but unfortunately have not seen them.