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Índice de Leyes y Decretos de Venezuela vigentes - Indiley.com contiene el Índice de Leyes y Decretos de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela actualizado con las novedades que van apareciendo en el ámbito legislativo y judicial.

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  • Tamra B Jensen - Shampoo

    It smells delicious,I love all things orange but makes my hair feel weighed down which I hate because I have alot of fine hair and am looking for volume...Maybe I will try it as a body wash so it isn't a total waste?

  • ChampagneTaste - Noticable difference

    I had received facial toning treatments at a day spa which were too expensive for me to keep up for any length of time. I purchased the Nuface in hopes that it would maintain the results I had gotten from the spa. It not only has kept the tone I had achieved, but is also improving upon it. I am very satisfied and now am wondering if it, like its spa counterpart, can be used on other body parts!

  • Kimberly Proctor - This company is wonderful to work with!

    The IFetch was a wonderful product. I wish I would have been able to get my dogs to use the IFetch but I could not train them properly therefore the IFetch was not for me. The company was great though they worked with me and offered to either send out a trainer or refund my money! I choose the refund for now but I think that the product itself was lovely and would be great for dogs who are better trained then mine. Lol