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  • Kindle Customer - Writers Market

    Very Good source of potential writer markets. I used it to locate a publisher one hour after it arrive in the mail. It is a prominent fixture on my work desk

  • Carole C. - Just make sure you know it's installed...

    Make sure you take this all the way through the installation process and then check on the Norton site to make sure your acct shows that this was downloaded to your computer and installed. It was at least 6 months before I found out that it wasn't completely installed - Had the icon on my desktop, but it wasn't properly installed. Result was not good, but when it's properly installed, it's a great product. Still prefer it to everything else I've tried.

  • S. Glick - Art with a twist.

    The art of Alex Gross describes the world we live in with clarity, skill and wit. I enjoy this thought inspiring book over and over and see something different and thought provoking each time.

  • David Owen - I appreciated the thorough explanations of how the digestive (gastrointestinal) ...

    I appreciated the thorough explanations of how the digestive (gastrointestinal) system works and the role of different parts of it. He also covers the ins and outs of natural supplementation to correct many digestive issues. Overall a very worthwhile read. An occasional reviewer criticizes that lack of more specific recommendations, but there are sufficient general recommendations for treatment. More specific would require individualized consultation, which a book cannot offer. I appreciated his specific information on how to find appropriate medical practitioners.

  • A postscript to my review - A postscript to my review

    Since there are all kinds of postings on this site about this book and their authors, etc. I would like to mention I have called about going to the HealthQuarters retreat and it costs $3,200 for one person(not including transportation to and from Colorado Springs) for an 11 day program, plus they are booked for several months in advance. They can only host 9 or 10 people at a time, and they are not a hospital, only an "educational center". Though this is somewhat cheap when compared to, say, going to other alternative hospitals or going out of the country, for a person like me, home on State Disability, this is more money than I have to spend on a program that my insurance company won't cover, not to mention the daily costs of my supplements and alternative medical care, also not fully covered by insurance, if at all. Dave and Anne's book, though certainly well intentioned and with a great spirit behind it, isn't much more than just a collection of the latest and most popular alternative treatments for cancer, all rolled up in a book like they are something new, when many have been around for years and years. If that, along with Ann's death, doesn't bother you and you still want to invest in tnis book, feel free. It is certainly inspirational and well intentioned reading. And who knows, it might help you, but go into it with your eyes open.