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  • Brandon Bay - The best condition I saw a card box and fast delivery

    This was the best condition a order was i highly recommend this seller to card or baseball collectors.The delivery came in only 4 days and was packaged well.

  • Charles Z. - RARE and REMARKABLE - important gorgeous music

    When the first TRIO album was released in the late 80s there was nothing else that sounded like it. Nashville was already dedicated to glossy flat production and autopilot songwriting. Even Parton had some clunkers in that mold. But TRIO was different - three already legendary vocalists surrounded by the finest players delivering a spare, sensitive, musically creative album that showcased their distinctive voices while blending to create a singular instrument we had not heard before. Off it flew, against the trend, to the top of both the Pop and Country Charts.Today those original recordings sound fresh, vibrant and alive with emotion rarely exposed by todays individual vocalists and certainly almost unheard of from three woman singing together in harmony enveloping each other. The remastering and packaging is excellent. Of course, the real treasure here is the 3rd disc containing 20 cuts -- most previously unheard and what a magnificent surprise. Emmylou and Dolly are glorious and joyous when they take the lead. And Ronstadt (who guided much of the harmony arrangements)demonstrates what an original and incredibly heartbreaking vocalist she could be. Her rendition of "I've Had Enough" with just piano, Parton and Harris coming in on background almost to rescue Linda from her sorrow is killer. With friends like these it will be okay in this cruel world. This Complete set is indeed important music - and due to the fact that Ronstadt's powerful yet tender instrument is silenced forever it is deeply poignant. For all kinds of music lovers - we will not hear the likes of this again.

  • Wendy - Great camera bag

    I bought this along with the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag after looking for a long time for a new camera bag. This is just what I was looking for! Lots of padding to keep lenses from banging around, and I love how I can adjust the inserts for different items. Great product!

  • Kitty - My favorite detox juice!

    My favorite juice to detox and lose weight off of! I've been drinking this since I was 23 and I lost 55lbs that year. I'm 33 now and it works for me, but you have to drink at least 2 in order to see results! :)

  • Mikhail O. - Great looking bike

    Great looking bike, received it within a week. Im not sure why people complain about the wobbly wheels, mine came out fine. Must have gotten lucky. Tires were a bit funky, so I replaced them with continental gator shells. Bike is fast, rides smooth and, shifts well. Its a pretty sexy looking bike too, I had to wait for my faghettaboutit mini ubolt to get here before I could lock it up. Im a newbie, and if you are too get this bike youll treasure it. At least until you run it into the ground like I plan to.

  • R. Karwowski - Great Product

    This machine works well. I am not sure if user malfunction did not lead to others complaints of bottles not fitting because I have never had a problem. The majority of bottles we chill are champagne and they have a very large base and the machine has always accommodated them. Also it chills them perfectly in a few minutes. We also use it to chill bottle of water before we go to the gym. I have no complaints about this product and would highly suggest it.

  • Mary S. - Interesting read...

    What I've read so far, I've enjoyed. Don't know if Balz favors the Rebublican or the Democrat - his writing so far has been pretty impartial.