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  • Alison Fujii - Good for your skin

    This stuff is very nice. It won't work miracles, but if you're taking good care of your skin already, this will do a great job topping that off. I get fewer ingrown hairs and razor issues than before, but I still get one every once and again.

  • Laura Beatty-Walsh - LET A VIRUS IN

    ALMOST KILLED MS LAPTOP #3 let something horrible in that the techies took a month to fix. I won't be purchasing Norton ever again, let alone another MS product. Better save up because Mac, here I come.....

  • William J. M - Great Product and Sturdy

    We are constantly ordering these as it saves us from running our dishwasher so much. They are sturdy enough to hold two sandwiches and the price typically works out to be around .5 each which is good. Perfect for feeding the cats, covering items in the microwave, sandw

  • Haifa Oraivej Jabbour - I like it very much

    I like it very much. But every body's hair different I can't give advise on this product to any one.

  • Oren Ishii - What a LIFESAVER!!!

    My whole life I've stayed away from vitamin B because it made me hulk out. It made me irritable and lash out at people. Prenatal vitamins were THE WORST. Anyways I started getting some neuralgia and tingling in my hands and feet. I thought I was out of luck because whenever I searched "vitamin B makes me aggressive" I found very little or nothing. Then my aunt started talking about Methyl B and I couldn't wait to try it. I knew it would work! I knew my body couldn't absorb regular B. I trust Jarrow more than any other supplement company, I buy Jarrow everything! Well of course I was right and this is a LIFESAVER! I have more energy and feel more relaxed at the same time. I'm so glad that Amazon reviews led me to Jarrow! I also take Jarrow B right and I think everybody would benefit from it.