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Pasar ITV Valle de Güimar Tenerife, cita previa, teléfono y horarios - Estación ITV Valle Güimar en Tenerife. Salida 20 de TF 5 junto a Gasolinera BP. Disfruta del servicio ITV más rápido y eficaz. Pide cita previa y visítanos

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -3.6838 Madrid, Spain

  • waprim - Minerals are necessary but not available naturally

    The CD was very interesting but incomplete from what I expected it to be. I thought it was the same as the book but turned out to be a series of speeches about the body and its need of certain minerals to get well from several different illnesses or to just stay healthy. The bottom line of all of it was the foods produced in the US do not have the necessary minerals in them because the soil is worn out after all of these years of production and the fertilizers used only makes the produce grow.

  • C. Heisten - wish I had saved my money now

    so many bugs. Got new computer to replace XP and had to pick up a new Outlook. Now I can't figure out how to get my older Outlook files to this one as all .pst import export functions are, by MS admission not working properly and they corrupt the files so it won't open at all. Then I cannot write a longer note or walk away and return to finish a note because auto-save apparently has a bug that then gives an error message...so you have to copy paste into a new email. They changed the features much that it is not the useful program it used to be. I have been using this since early in 2014 and frankly if i weren't used to it and had known about the bugs I would just use my servers email program. MS is not fixing the bugs. As long as they sell the software apparently they don't care. Why oh why did they ruin it!!! I loved my older version!!!

  • Rich Enright - America Beware!

    Solid content, a bit repetitive and the editing is very mediocre. Overall a nice book to read for the non hyper sensitive crowd.

  • Lance - Absolutely Works - Amazing, Life Changing.

    I wanted to write a positive review of my experience to offset some of the negative and misleading reviews that I have seen here. Also keep in mind, I have only been using this product for about 3 months and the results are already astounding.

  • K & A Kelly - This TEAS study guide 2015 is not close to being a good scholarly source and not does it match up with ...

    This book is full of errors, the largest being a heart model that is incorrectly labeled, reversal of nucleotide definitions, grammatical errors, math problems not worked correctly, etc. If you are studying for the TEAS, find another source. This TEAS study guide 2015 is not close to being a good scholarly source, nor does it match up with the TEAS test I just took a week ago. I requested a refund and luckily caught the errors in learning prior to the test.