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  • Bailey Schaefer - this book is very bad

    I hate this book is to short and is sending the wrong message and I'm not 12 I'm 8 and even this is way too short I hated it the second I opened the book on my kindle honestly this book should be for five year olds

  • RONNIE J BEVER JR - This is the best glass cleaner that I have ever used

    This is the best glass cleaner that I have ever used. I have a lint free paper shop towel that I use to dry and clean the foam from the windshield. I don't use any thing else. The price was a bit high, but I considered it a bargain as I didn't have to make a special trip to the store.

  • Bondubl - HORRIBLE

    This made me gain weight..yes really. It also made me feel panicked and anxiety striken. I am staying as far away from this as possible.

  • William - Good stuff

    This is good stuff. Remember a little goes a long way. One of my friends is a bee keeper and because his family is growing he had to move into a bigger home. He left several empty bee hives and boxes at my house while he was moving. He knew that I had some Young Living lemon grass essential oil and bet me that I could not lure swarms of bees into the hives. Evidently lemon grass essential oil mimics the pheromone of the queen bee. He said that just remember that a couple of pounds of bees and queen from a bee farm costs $100 or more. So four full bee hives later we are both believers.