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Kaminholz aus Polen | kaminholz-aus-polen.de - Polnisches Kaminholz ist ein günstige Alternative zu Brennholz aus heimischen Wäldern. Von Laub- bis Nadelhölzer finden sich nahezu alle Holzsorten.

  • http://www.kaminholz-aus-polen.de/scheitholz/ Scheitholz | kaminholz-aus-polen.de - Kaminholz wird in handliche Scheite gespalten und kann so verfeuert werden. Scheitholz schaftt ein behagliche Wärme in Ihren Zuhause.
  • http://www.kaminholz-aus-polen.de/hartholzbriketts/ Hartholzbriketts | kaminholz-aus-polen.de - Bei Hartholzbriketts handelt es sich um eine gute Alternative zu den herkömmlichen Brennstoffen, wie Kaminholz oder Kohlebriketts.
  • http://www.kaminholz-aus-polen.de/brennholz/ Brennholz | kaminholz-aus-polen.de - Holz selber zu machen, ist eine gute Möglichkeit sich sein eigenes Brennholz zu erarbeiten.
  • http://www.kaminholz-aus-polen.de/brennholz/brennholzlieferung-auf-paletten-als-raummeter-oder-schuettraummeter/ Brennholzlieferung auf Paletten, als Raummeter oder Schüttraummeter | kaminholz-aus-polen.de - Raummeter, Schüttmeter oder doch Palette? Die Maßeinheiten für das Holz erklärt

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  • Carolyn J. Moran - Got this as a gag for my father in law ...

    Got this as a gag for my father in law. However didn't realize that the product was intended to support her. That's why I'm only giving it two stars. The stars are for the vendor, Hilary gets none.

  • Rita - Very disappointed.....

    The off-on switch needs to be easier read to know if it is off or on. Pushing the button leaves one wondering which mode is which. After two uses can't get it to work...even after following instructions to the T. Am very disappointed as I did have higher expectations. Not overly expensive, but had hopes of getting to use it long enough to see results. :-(

  • jazz - like seriously it works

    This works but you have to give yourself a 48 to 72 hour clean time of no smoking... like seriously it works, but if you smoke the night or day of than take hang it up you will fail. Also weight does play a factor in this. So no eating or drinking but water on test day... and no smoking simple... it can't hurt to stay clean for 2-3 or even 4 days. So stop saying it don't work yall just avid smokers and messing up. Point blank period.

  • Truth Seeker - Makes a difference in how I feel

    And oddly enough, I sleep better on the days I remember to supplement with this product. I tend to have nights of insomnia, but noticed that it never seems to happen when I take this particular B. I also take another B supplement that has other types of B12 in it, but that also has a lot of other things that tend to keep me awake if I take it too late in the day. I like having B12 I can take when I forget the other. I had pernicious anemia so seriously 11 years ago I was on daily injections for almost a year. Must take a sublingual. Also, my daughter and husband who both have celiac disease MUST supplement with B12 and it makes a difference in their energy levels. B12 is absorbed in the area of the small intestine that is destroyed by gluten, so anyone with celiac disease must take the various forms of 12 (there are four--this is the most absorbable and most important one to take if you chose just one--most companies use the cheapest one in formulas but it's not very absorbable, especially in the gut-- I can't remember the exact name--).

  • Rebecca H - TRY NOW for a fussy baby!

    I have a 2 year old that was a dream as an infant...she even teethed without so much as a peep. Baby #2 has proved to be a different issue. She's been fussy (colic) from the start. I didn't realize anything was truly wrong until my body started to ache from the constant movement of trying to soothe my screaming baby. I tried gripe water, which didn't help. I tried simethicone which helped a tiny bit. At 3 months old she seemed to improve on her own. But the screaming at times for no obvious reason continued. I tried teething tablets, but that wasn't her problem. I was skeptical this would help after trying everything else but it made a difference immediately. Please give this a chance...and be rid of the mommy guilt associated with a screaming baby. I feel like I finally know what my baby girl is truly like!