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  • Shelane Greenlee - Would not try again...

    I followed the instructions perfectly, but nothing...My hair is still frizzy and curly...the only thing that changed is now it is damaged.

  • illegalmonkey - Perfectly Good

    I had a 22 in. monitor that I recently upgraded from to a 27 in. Due to that I needed a bigger plate as the 27 in. was 200 x 100 and the 22 in. was only 100 x 100. Slapped this on my slick, new 27 in. and fits perfectly(Viewsonic 1ms 27 in.). Work perfectly with my monitor stand was well, an Ergotron 45-174-300 Neo-Flex LCD Arm-Extension. It comes with it's own screws which work fine, but I ended up using screws that came w/ my monitor instead as they seemed a bit longer.

  • Kristen M - A good starting point, but not the perfect solution.

    Overall: I have now decided to write a review after I had followed the program daily for a 4 month period. If you have severe joint issues I do not recommend this product. If you have gone through the whole Insanity or P90X programs; this is not a condensed version. My husband does Insanity and I tried it before I started this program. T-25 is not as intense of a program. T-25 is a great introduction for those who feel they are too out of shape for Insanity or P90X. The only negatives I have are the diet that is included and the resistance bands. Just spring for dumbbells, or anything else.

  • Princeya - Black folks

    Im black for all the black women that are looking to know about this product . i been using the product for almost a month . it does make it fatty like but you have to tone it yourself. While taking the pills id suggest working out .

  • LindaMic - Another Excellent Thriller by Mark Edwards

    I'd been waiting for this book ever since I'd finished reading all of Mark Edwards' previous books. And it didn't disappoint.

  • Brittany - Miracle Spray

    After reading countless positive reviews I went out and bought this stuff for my apartment. I had been dealing with roaches ever since I moved in. The exterminator came almost every week but nothing worked. They ALWAYS came back! But the second I sprayed this stuff it was like a whole new life. NOT A ROACH IN SITE! I kept finding dead ones but literally not one more roach was found. It's like they were afraid to even step into my apartment! I had even found a dead spider at my front door one morning from the spray so I knew it was working! I swear by this stuff and will recommend it to everyone that's having the same problem I am. This spray is not a joke and whoever came up with all of it's ingredients is a true GENIUS. This stuff will not fail you!