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Khurana & Khurana | Advocates and IP Attorneys - E-commerce is growing widespread day by day in Indian market. It has become a current day reality from a buzzword, transformed the way business is done,

  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/frequently-asked-questions-faqs/ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Patent | Khurana & Khurana - 1. What are patents and its advantages/objectives? Answer: Patents are techno-legal documents providing the details of new, non-obvious, and industrially
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/pro-bono/ Pro Bono | Khurana & Khurana - Khurana & Khurana, IP Attorneys encourages each practitioner at the firm to spend a defined of their time in pro bono projects such as with giving legal aid
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/international-patent-drafting-competition-ipdc/ International Patent Drafting Competition (IPDC) | Khurana & Khurana - WINNERS OF IPDC 2016!! We are very delighted to announce the winners of IPDC 2016. But before that, we would like to thank all the participants who took out
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/careers/ Careers | Khurana & Khurana - Our people are our greatest assets. Ace leadership, proven training programs, global exposure, dynamic work environment, all of this and more to ensure our
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/about/knk-profile/ K&K Profile | Khurana & Khurana - To most of our clients, Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K) is more than a full service Intellectual Property (IP) Law firm. K&K was
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/about/core-practitioners/ Core Practitioners | Khurana & Khurana - Core Practitioners Vinod Khurana is a Senior Partner at IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys. Vinod, along with heading the IP
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/about/informationdata-security-management/ Information/Data Security Management | Khurana & Khurana - We at Khurana and Khurana unambiguously understand the importance and criticality of IP and secrecy of client confidentiality data.As an inherent and strongly
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-protection-and-portfolio-management/ IP Protection And Portfolio Management | Khurana & Khurana - Introduction The business management world over has undergone sweeping changes over the last few years. These changes have been heavily leveraged by IP, which
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-protection-and-portfolio-management/patent-draftingpreparation/ Patent Drafting/Preparation | Khurana & Khurana - An enforceable Patent is the key to effective Commercialization/Out-Licensing of any technology. No matter how good a technology is, if the description of the
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-protection-and-portfolio-management/trade-mark-portfolio/ Trade Mark Filing / Portfolio | Khurana & Khurana - Trade Mark Filing: In India, the usual time taken by the Trade Marks Registry from filing to registration is between 18-24 months for a straight forward
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-protection-and-portfolio-management/copyright-portfolio/ Copyright Portfolio | Khurana & Khurana - Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings.
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-protection-and-portfolio-management/design-portfolio/ Design Portfolio | Khurana & Khurana - "Design" means only the features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition of lines or colours applied to any article whether in two dimensional
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-protection-and-portfolio-management/geographical-indications/ Geographical Indications | Khurana & Khurana - Geographical Indication in relation to goods, means an indication which identifies such goods as agricultural goods, natural goods or manufactured goods as
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/infringement-of-intellectual-property-rights/ Infringement Of Intellectual Property Rights | Khurana & Khurana - Introduction Intellectual property is recognized as one of the most important assets that can be held by a corporation or an individual. Today, the threat of
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/infringement-of-intellectual-property-rights/trade-mark-litigation-and-passing-off/ Trade Mark Litigation And Passing Off | Khurana & Khurana - Introduction Intellectual Property Litigation Practice group at Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys recognizes that a successful IP enforcement
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/infringement-of-intellectual-property-rights/opposition-proceedings/ Opposition Proceedings | Khurana & Khurana - Introduction Earlier amendment of The Patents Act 1970 provided provision for only one type of opposition system, i.e. the Post-grant opposition system. The
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/infringement-of-intellectual-property-rights/invalidation-proceedings/ Invalidation Proceedings | Khurana & Khurana - Invalidation Proceedings Section 64 of the Indian Patents Act outlines circumstances under which a granted patent can be revoked. Following are the primary
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-advisory-and-opinions/ IP Advisory And Opinions | Khurana & Khurana - Introduction Having a right IP Creation, Protection, and Commercialization Strategy is as important as having a strong IP backing the inherent technology,
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-advisory-and-opinions/patent-search-mapping-analysis/ Patent Search Mapping & Analysis | Khurana & Khurana - Introduction Patents are now being considered as one of the major source of technological and competitive information. In the highly competitive business
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-advisory-and-opinions/due-diligence-services/ Due-Diligence Services | Khurana & Khurana - Introduction With IP being an integral part of any Corporate's business strategy, an evaluation of a company's legal position with respect to its Intellectual
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-advisory-and-opinions/building-ip-strategy/ Building IP Strategy | Khurana & Khurana - Introduction Intellectual property (IP) is the most treasured asset that a Corporate possesses and should be managed with due respect. An IP strategy focuses
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/ip-advisory-and-opinions/ip-patent-research-analytics/ IP Patent Research & Analytics | Khurana & Khurana - Licensing Studies IIPRD is among the leading IP Consulting Firms in India and is also the Sister-Concern of Khurana & Khurana, IP Attorneys. Because of
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/commercial-law-practice/ Commercial Law Practice | Khurana & Khurana - Commercial law governs the broad areas of business, commerce and consumer transactions. Commercial law in India has developed rapidly over the years with the
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/commercial-law-practice/commercial-litigation/ Commercial Litigation | Khurana & Khurana - India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As it continues to prosper, there is rapid increase in commercial transactions in the market.
  • http://www.khuranaandkhurana.com/commercial-law-practice/contractagreement-drafting/ Contract/Agreement Drafting | Khurana & Khurana - Contracts have always formed a major part of any business, and therefore have always formed an integral/fundamentalpart of commercial litigations. In this era

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