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Home - KK Women's and Children's Hospital - KK Women's and Children's Hospital is the largest medical facility in Singapore which provides specialist care for women and children.

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  • Bay Area Cooler - Easy to use, streak-free autoglass with minimal effort

    Repeat purchase and will keep buying this (and this only). Use multiple microfiber cloths (costco version) for a streak-free, lint-free autoglass. Have used newspaper before. That works well too, but prefer microfiber as I it doesn't rip in your hand ;) Also believe that this has some water repellant property as the water appears to bead up. Not 100% sure but look like it. As for as cleanliness, 100% sure the best product out in the market.

  • Page Ten - I love the way it cleans and the ease of handling

    I honestly don't know how to review my Linx. Let me say from the onset that this is my second Linx and that, in spite of the design problem (flaw) that this stick vac has, I love the way it cleans and the ease of handling. I was hoping that the problem with the handle breaking had been addressed and that when I opened the package I would breathe a sigh of relief that this one wouldn't have the same design. Alas, it does. And so I know that in a matter of time, months or a year, the handle will break and it can't be repaired. Meanwhile, I will use it, try to be careful not to let it fall over. Will I order a third one when this one bites the dust? No. Not unless the Hoover company reads all the reviews on Amazon and addressed the problem. It does a great job, but twice is enough.

  • Bastian Ferreira - Decent enough.

    It does a pretty good job in helping with the healing process, but only after peeling is mostly over. You should still use Aquaphor up to that point. Also, this lotion irritated my graylines a lot. I had to switch back to the Aquaphor for those sections.

  • Rahkia Waleruis - Works great for seasonal allergies and I don't have to worry ...

    Works great for seasonal allergies and I don't have to worry about putting garbage into my system to feel better. I love that it is a natural product made by a great company. I can't go through an allergy season without it!