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Konoba Sole Umag - Gastronomiji je u Konobi Sole pridana posebna pažnja. Izbor najboljih namirnica koje se mogu pronaći kroz sva četiri godišnja doba.

  • http://www.konoba-sole.hr/specijaliteti.php Mesna jela, Konoba Sole, mesna jela, specijaliteti istarske kuhinje - Mesna jela, Uz ambijentalni užitak, Konoba Sole nudi uživanje u raznolikim mesnim specijalitetima istarske i internacionalne kuhinje, kojima poseban ukus i čar daje naš veliki majstor kulinarstva
  • http://www.konoba-sole.hr/ribljajela.php Riblja jela, Konoba Sole - Konoba Sole je mjesto u kojem želimo pružiti svakom posjetitelju ugodno i veselo druženje sa istarskom tradicionalnom hranom i pićem. Željno vas očekujemo da okusite more na nasem stolu.
  • http://www.konoba-sole.hr/specijaliteti1.php Specijaliteti, Konoba Sole - Uz već standardnu gastronomsku ponudu, spremni smo i za nove kulinarske izazove. Kušajte originalne i jedinstvene specijalitete, stvorene samo u konobi Sole.
  • http://www.konoba-sole.hr/Tjestenine.php Tjestenina, Konoba Sole - Tjestenina kao glavno jelo, ili kao prilog mesnim i ribljim jelima. Posebno smo ponosni na našu domaću tjesteninu koju sami osmišljavamo i poslužujemo.
  • http://www.konoba-sole.hr/Deserti.php Deserti, Konoba Sole - Postoji poslovica - ´Šećer dolazi na kraju´. Nakon uživanja u obrocima konobe Sole, kušajte slatke delicije, poslastice i kolače, ručno pripremljenih od naših kulinarskih majstora.

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Amanda L. Hobbs - Yay! Office for Mac!

    So far, this is seamless, and essential to needs as a graduate student. I predominately use word, and have no problems going back and forth from mac to pc regularly. Also comes with two licenses.

  • Linda B - Stronger nails instead of splitting!

    My nails are noticeably stronger since taking this supplement as indicated (2 a day). They had been splitting and catching on my clothes. This is a wonderful product.

  • MattG - Perfect Fit

    I bought these to replace the broken front one on my 2006 Tacoma. They fit perfectly and took about 15 minutes each to remove the old one and replace. Don't worry about the plastic clips, since Husky provides two screws and nut plates to replace them. These are about two inches shorter than OEM which will help prevent scraping on bumps or other obstructions.

  • J. P. - Works Every time

    I used this in a previous apartment and within days my roach problem was gone. So when I saw one in my new place I immediately ordered Combat again, and have I yet to see another roach in this apartment.

  • mary beth - Used it first time yesterday, here are my thoughts...

    I had my hair cut yesterday at a $13.00 hair cut salon. The gal that cut my hair used this product on my hair and sorta' tried to sell it to me. I have wasted sooo much money on hair products that make "super hold", "extreme body" type claims. So, I did not buy the hairspray and told her that I would give it a day and see what happens.

  • David A. Carrea Sr. - Love this product

    Love this product. I have always had problems being regular. After two weeks I felt great taking this. It detoxes your body as well. What ever negative reviews you have read, do not listen to them. They must have poor life styles etc. I've tried all types of probiotics, nothing compares to this by far.

  • Pen Name - Seems like good quality

    Seems like good quality, nice stainless steel finish. The 2 lights are not very bright and are yellow tone. The light color did not look nice with the under cabinet LED lights turned on, which are pure white in color and are very bright. Very powerful fan when on high setting. There is 4 fan speed settings, under normal use # 2 speed seems to be efficient, Maybe #3 speed if really needed. At the highest setting of #4 is really strong and loud, there is even a noticeable turbulence / echoing effect when on the highest setting. The highest setting is probably too powerful for my size kitchen and duct size.