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  • Debra K Cool - ... off the PediSpin sold at Walmart works twice as good and costs half as much was very disappointed only ...

    kind of a rip off the PediSpin sold at Walmart works twice as good and costs half as much was very disappointed only spent this kind of money because I thought if it costs that much it must work really great right? well wrong!!

  • haley.blackburn - Works very well.

    I got this for my sister who just had her baby, she is having problems with acne since giving birth and I thought this would help. She said is has helped a lot so far and seems to be clearing up her acne.

  • m&m - great

    this works well with our vista stroller when we use the car seat. if you use the stroller seat just be aware that if you face the seat out the top hits this. if you face the baby towards you there's plenty of room. i put my phone and water bottle in here when we go for walks or when we're out so i dont have to keep reaching into my bag underneath.

  • hubble15 - Very well engineered

    We chose this stroller after researching & test-driving everything we could get our hands on. My wife took a liking to it immediately, and each stroller we tried after the Uppa just made her like it more. Our baby is 2 mos old now, so we've had time to live with it for a while, and we have no regrets! Some observations: it is very stable; the center of gravity is low enough and the wheels are wide enough that I don't worry at all about it tipping over. Contrast that w/ Stokke, which makes me cringe just looking at it. The bassinet is great (we haven't used the seat yet), and the adapter for our car seat works like a champ. Folding & unfolding are a snap once you figure out the trick. Very fluid: fold in 2 motions, unfold in one. It is a big stroller ... we'll buy a smaller one for air travel ... but it's engineered so well in so many ways. An example: the geometry b/t the handle & rear wheels is perfect; to go down stairs you apply a bit of pressure to the handle to lift the front wheels and then ease it down the stairs on the real wheels very smoothly. It drives straight & smooth, and turns on a dime. Overall, we're very happy with it, especially considering it comes w/ so many extras.

  • Moon - Not certain if it performs as described, but...

    My wife tried the pump for sometime, but it did not work well for her. As a result, the supply of milk was reduced to the point where the baby was crying. She tried this product, and her supply gradually increased. I am not sure if this product truly played a vital role, or it was baby's sucking, or her prayers, or all of the above - but both mom and baby are happy now. I would give this product a benefit of doubt, and like it (rating 4).

  • J. Thompson - It Works ... AND gets where you can't get

    I was skeptical at first, so used it sparingly in hard to clean areas. It worked just as it claimed, although it worked much faster than stated on the label. After the first "test" run, I virtually sprayed the entire north end of our house. We live in the north and by the ocean, so the torture to our house might be more than most. After the second use, I decided to use it everywhere. It works great on the new manufactured wood. I sprayed it on the step risers made out of Azek ("plastic" wood) and it cleaned everything as well as kept it clean (risers keep getting dirty). I even used it on the porch awnings that had begun to turn dark. Again, quicker than advertised, it cleaned the dark (whatever the yuck was) from the heavy canvas awnings. I did have somewhat of a problem in that the exterior leaves to some of the plants under the drip line on the awnings were killed after a couple of weeks (they grew back). I did mix the solution double for the awnings, so I'm suspecting the surface plant damage was due to my error, not something germane to the product. Next I'm going to use to spray up in the crevices and hard to reach areas of the balusters on the railings all around the house. This is the first review I've written, but I haven't come across many products like this. Great stuff.