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Leeds Student Medical Practice - Located near to the University of Leeds, we are a modern, friendly Practice, specialising in caring for the students of Leeds and their immediate families.

  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/join How can I join the Practice? - To join the Practice you should be; a University student, (or their partner or child), AND live in any University accommodation in Leeds or private housing.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/appointments Appointment Information - ‘Booked’ and ‘same day’ appointments are available. Booked appointments can be made by telephoning the Practice, in person or by on line Patient Access.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/about-us/ About Leeds Student Medical Practice - Originally part of the University of Leeds, we are a friendly, student focused practice. Our aim is to deliver the highest standard of care to our patients.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/about-us/job-vacancies/ Job Vacancies at Leeds Student Medical Practice - Find and apply for the latest available job vacancies at Leeds Student Medial Practice. For all levels of training and career grade vacancies.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/about-us/patient-reference-group/ Patient Reference Group - Our Patient Reference Group is one way we seek the views of our patients. The Group is ‘virtual’ and is run through Facebook.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/about-us/teams-working-at-lsmp/ Teams working at Leeds Student Medical Practice - We are a large medical practice and currently employ fifty-sixty people to look after more than thirty-six thousand students registered with us.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/about-us/legal-notes/ Leeds Student Medical Practice - Legal Notes - All information you give to anyone in this Practice is considered to be confidential. For more detail see our Data Protection Notice in the surgery.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/about-us/friends-family-test/ Friends and Family Test - We want to ensure you have the best possible experience of care. The friends and Family Test is a way of gathering your feedback about this experience.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/international-students/ International Students' Eligibility For Free Healthcare - Students studying more than six months, or on a course funded by the UK will be fully entitled to free NHS treatment in England.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/appointments/patient-access-login/ Patient Access Login - Patient Access is a service that allows you to use the Internet to view, book, and cancel appointments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/repeat-prescriptions/ Repeat Prescriptions - If one of our doctors has arranged a repeat prescription for you and the review date has not expired, then you may request a repeat prescriptions.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/appointments/sick-notes/ Sick Notes For Employers - If you are absent from paid employment for LESS THAN ONE WORKING WEEK you will need to complete a self-certificate confirming your illness.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/appointments/flu-vaccination/ Flu Vaccination - If you are eligible for flu vaccination on the NHS please book an appointment with one of our nursing team.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/appointments/meningitis-vaccination/ Meningitis C Vaccination - It is likely that you had the Men C vaccination as a young child, but immunity to the disease decreases over time.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/appointments/seafarer-medicals/ Seafarer Medicals - Dr Paul Hudson is a Maritime and Coastguard Agency DMP (Designated Medical Practitioner). Dr Hudson only conducts the standard ENG1 Certificate Medical.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/clinics-services/ Clinics & Services - Leeds Student Medical Practice is designed and operated to suit the needs of students studying in higher education and living in Leeds.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/health-advice/ Health Advice - There are numerous excellent websites which provide information on medical conditions, symptom searches, and advice on where you can access health care.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/health-advice/alcohol/ Alcohol - Alcohol is an addictive, depressant drug and a major cause of illnesses such as liver cirrhosis, cancers, heart disease, and social problems.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/health-advice/contraception-and-sexual-health/ Contraception and Sexual Health - We offer all the currently available methods of prescribed contraception including all the contraceptive pills and all the LARC methods.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/health-advice/dental-services/ Dental Services - Leeds Dental Advice Line: 0800 298 5787 (Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00) keeps a list of patients looking for dentists that you can add your name to.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/health-advice/healthy-living/ Healthy Living - There are a number of services available in Leeds where you can get free support & advice on lifestyle issues.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/health-advice/mental-health/ Mental Health - 1 in 4 British adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year. It can sometimes be hard to find the right help.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/health-advice/minor-illness/ Minor Illness - Minor illnesses such as coughs and colds, minor injuries, skin conditions, can often be managed by yourself at home.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/health-advice/physiotherapy/ Physiotherapy - If appropriate, a GP may refer you for physiotherapy on the NHS. This may be limited to specific types of treatment that can be offered.
  • http://www.leedsstudentmedicalpractice.co.uk/health-advice/travel/ Travel - With careful planning before you travel, vigilance during and afterwards, you should be able to deal with most medical needs with minimal disruption.

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