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  • Nancy Aceves - A bit pricey for such small bars, but they ...

    A bit pricey for such small bars, but they are convenient sizes for traveling. Bought them for my husband who has yet to try them, so hope they do the job!

  • ladyjock - Side effects of collagen supplements

    When deciding to purchase this product I read many reviews looking for side effects. I did not find any. After taking the supplement for 3 weeks I noticed extreme muscle pain and weakness, especially in the legs and hips. Since I had not made any other changes in my routine I assumed it was the collagen supplements. I stopped the supplement and the pain and weakness went away. Everyones response to supplements will be different. Not a product for me.

  • Aphrael - To my real surprise, these things really do work

    For years I have been watching these battery desulfators for years with great skepticism. When they first came out, when DIY, assemble-yourself kits were the first available versions, I tried one that didn't seem to work. Now that some apparently well-engineered factory versions are available. and after reading so many positive anecdotal reviews, I decided to give this BatterMinder 2012 a try. I have been skeptical because it seems impossible to find the results of any controlled test of these devices. This caused me to suspect that this is voodoo science. But, I had five weak to very weak batteries to replace, and I decided to try my own study.

  • Daniel Humphries - I bought the Kindle Book

    Wow, Thom has a way telling things like they are... I love his style and where he's coming from. I've found his Facebook page and found his telecasts on Free Speech TV. I have more of his books on my to-read list. If you like liberal and progressive, you'll like Thom. Easy to read and understand.

  • Marji - I prefer the original.

    I ordered this thinking it was getting the original Ojon Hair Treatment but I received the "Plus" version of the product. The original was so much better. I'd put it on when I knew I was going to be home for a while and when I shampooed my hair a few hours later it would be shiny and soft. The Ojon Plus leaves a residue that makes my hair feel and look greasy and dirty. I need to lather up a few times to get all of it out of my hair and that leaves my hair feeling dry. Kind of defeats the purpose of a treatment!

  • Linda Hanson - Cannot recommend this book

    I purchased this book to study for my HESI A2, which I hope to take later this month. I have to say, I'm highly disappointed in the editing of this book. There are NUMEROUS errors, ranging from typographical errors (e.g. organsim) to factual errors (the nitrogenous DNA bases being identified backwards -- cytosine and thymine as purines and adenine and guanine as pyrimidines -- page 116, and then the review question uses the reversed info to give the user what is an inaccurate answer) to general errors (neurOGLIA being identified as neurALGIA -- page 201). As a former mathematics teacher, I haven't even looked at the Math review sections since I don't need to review that material, but I would imagine that the errors cited in other Amazon reviews are in fact there. I will confirm that one of the questions in the Math practice test has an incorrect answer (problem 6 -- the correct answer is 6, but the book answer is 72 -- they did not follow correct order of operations). This is far from a comprehensive list of the errors I have found so far, but serves as examples of some of the more egregious ones I have encountered.

  • Centers - Did not work for me

    I took 2 tablets per day as directed on the bottle, for 30 days. I think I was actually getting up more often at night. I was hoping this reduce the need but it did not. I was willing to try almost anything, but this did not work.