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Long Island Cares, Inc - The mission of Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank is to bring together all available resources for the benefit of the hungry on Long Island.

  • https://www.licares.org/agency-support/ Agency Support - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank provides food, support, assistance and information to 560 member agencies in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY.
  • https://www.licares.org/find-help/food-locator/ Food Locator - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Find the food pantry or assistance program nearest you using Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank’s online food locator.
  • https://www.licares.org/make-a-difference/volunteer/ Volunteer - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Find volunteer programs and opportunities in your Long Island community at a food bank or food pantry through Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/ Get to Know Us - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Long Island Cares is the region’s first food bank and one of the most comprehensive hunger assistance organizations.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/our-programs/food-bank/ Food Bank - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank distributes over six million pounds of food to the needy in Nassau and Suffolk Counties via 580 member agencies.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/our-programs/mobile-services/ Mobile Services - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank’s mobile food pantry services provide information, referrals, emergency food in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/our-programs/pet-pantry/ Baxter's Pet Pantry - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Pet Food Panty operated by Long Island Cares provides free pet food, toys and supplies to pet-owning families in need in Nassau and Suffolk County, New York.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/our-programs/veterans-services/ Veterans Services - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Long Island Cares helps Nassau and Suffolk County, NY, veterans experiencing difficulties or food insecurity via mobile, community food pantries, job assistance.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/education-and-training/ Education and Training - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Long Island Cares offers a variety of education and training programs to help individuals in Long Island, New York understand and overcome hunger and poverty.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/education-and-training/just-say-yes/ Just Say Yes - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Long Island Cares offers the Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables nutrition education program to low-income families in Nassau and Suffolk County, New York.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/education-and-training/kids-united-against-hunger/ Kids United Against Hunger - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Kids United Against Hunger is a Long Island Cares project funded by United Way of Long Island that teaches kids about hunger and what they can do about it.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/our-legacy/ Our Legacy - Long Island Cares, Inc. - Timeline of singer-songwriter and social activist Harry Chapin and Long Island Cares, which is now one of the region’s leading hunger assistance organizations.
  • https://www.licares.org/get-to-know-us/financials-and-policies/ Financials and Policies - Long Island Cares, Inc. - The financial reports and operating policies of Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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